Nintendo Direct June 2023:  Everything announced at the event

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    The second Nintendo Direct of the year has passed, and it was a good one for Nintendo Switch owners. While none of the third-party announcements were very thrilling, we did get a new look at the upcoming exclusive Pikmin 4, and Nintendo finally revealed what will be coming to the Switch in the second half of 2023.

    Mario will dominate the Nintendo Switch’s fall lineup thanks to a remake of Super Mario RPG, a new WarioWare title, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a brand new 2D platformer.

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansions – Nintendo Direct

    The Nintendo Direct began with an in-depth look at the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansions, The Teal Mask, and The Indigo Disc. The expansion introduces a slew of new Pokémon, including Gligar. There will be new characters to meet, such as Carmine and Cryano, and gamers will be able to explore many of the exciting new locations. Both are shaping out to be substantial expansions to an already large pair of games. Unfortunately, no exact release dates have been set. The Teal Mask will be available in the autumn of 2023, whereas The Indigo Disc will be available this winter.

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    Detective Pikachu – Nintendo Direct

    We finally got a look at the new Detective Pikachu game, which was first revealed in May 2019. Tim Goodman and the titular coffee-loving, investigative Pikachu, who is uncovering a mystery involving Mewtwo during what is supposed to be Pokémon Friendship Week, gain new looks. Detective Pikachu Returns will be available on October 6.

    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – Nintendo Direct

    Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, a SNES classic, will be remade on the Nintendo Switch. In the trailer, we see several classic characters reimagined in a new, more modern chibi aesthetic, but the game still appears pretty close to the SNES edition and retains the original’s turn-based gameplay. This remake, simply dubbed Super Mario RPG, will be released on November 17.

    Pikmin 4 – Nintendo Direct

    Pikmin 4, which will be released in exactly one month, received an in-depth showcase during the most recent Nintendo Direct. We learned more about the game’s moment-to-moment gameplay throughout its portion. At its core, it’s similar to the first three games in the series, but it distinguishes itself by allowing players to use Oatchi to move, dive underground to explore more severe dungeons and engage in new Dandori Battles. Players can now explore the planet they are imprisoned on at night, but they will need the assistance of new Glow Pikmin to battle off furious monsters. Pikmin 4 will be launched on July 21 for the Nintendo Switch. On June 28, a Pikmin 4 demo will be released.

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    Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Nintendo Direct

    Nintendo concluded this Nintendo Direct with the introduction of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It’s the first 2D Mario game not tied to Super Mario Maker in almost a decade, and it features a stunning new art style. Other bizarre stage gimmicks appear when players touch the Wonder Flower that is present on a level. During the revelation part, co-op, a playable Princess Daisy, and an elephant power-up were also announced. This appears to be a return to form for the series while also innovating in several significant respects, similar to Sonic Superstars. On October 20, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be published for the Nintendo Switch.


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