Chrome OS will soon be able to open various file formats

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    The Chrome OS files application is preparing to support various file formats, including 7z, iso, tgz and many other archives

    Today, on Chrome OS, the file application can “mount” .zip and .rar files, allowing you to browse and use your files like any other folder on a Chromebook. Although .zip and .rar are the two most common formats in use today, there are many other file formats, each of which is in use for a specific purpose.

    Personally, the two unsupported file formats most frequently encountered are .7z, some people prefer it because it has a better compression ratio than .zip, and .tgz, a Gzip compression Tar file, it is a common combination file related to Linux.

    Due to Chrome OS’s support for Android applications and Linux applications, users can still open almost any type of file. However, it would be nice if the file application directly supports them.

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    According to the recently released code changes, this is exactly what is about to happen. Normally, the job will initially be under concealment behind the flags in chrome.

    The Archive mount in the Archives application allows various archive formats to install in the Archive Manager.

    Delving into the code, it seems that the Chrome OS file application will gain support for the following file formats:

    In addition to the standard file format, there are some noteworthy entries in the list. For example, .iso files are in use as a digital representation of the contents of a disc, sometimes used to distribute operating systems. At the same time, .crx is Google’s own Chrome extension format, although they are just modified zip files.

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    According to developer comments, Google currently intends to provide new file application support for 7z and others on ChromeOS 93. The application will be on release in September, and Chrome is “enable by default.” OS 94 in October.

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