Facebook taking significant steps to comply with IT rules

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    Facebook strongly supports India’s new IT rules.

    Facebook agrees that they “make sense” while empowering users and limiting their abuse on social media.
    A few months ago, the company called the government’s policy and rules around content review “legal review” . They emphasized that respect for Indian law is “non-negotiable”.

    The government of India wants to limit the abuse of social media platforms by bad actors.

    “The online safety and security agenda is an important agenda, especially in a country where 700 million people are online. I think it makes sense to have an accountability framework and rules for harmful content,” Tao added.

    On Tuesday, Facebook stated that it will publish an interim report on July 2 in accordance with the requirements of IT regulations, and Google will publish its transparency report in accordance with the requirements of India’s new IT regulations.

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    “In accordance with IT regulations, we will publish an interim report on June 15, May 15, and July 2. The report will include detailed information about content that we actively remove using automated tools. Moreover, the final report will publish on July 15th and will contain details of information on user complaints received and actions taken. A Facebook spokesperson said that the July 15 report will also contain data related to WhatsApp, which is currently being verified.

    The IT rule announcement on February 25 2021, would require major social media intermediaries with more than 5 million users. This is to “publish regular compliance reports every month, mentioning details of complaints received and actions taken in this regard. Moreover, the number of communication links or information that the intermediary has eliminated or prohibited access is on the basis on any active monitoring. Thus through the use of automated tools or any other relevant information specified.

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