Chelsea legend Petr Cech eyes a silverware in Ice hockey

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    Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has once again a chance to add silverware to his case for the British Ice Hockey club Chelmsford Chieftains this weekend. It has been four years since the Chelsea legend hung up his gloves, but now he has the chance to write one more glory to his career. Petr Cech already has four Premier League titles, along with the Champions League and five FA Cups for Chelsea, in his pocket, and now it can be said that he is fulfilling a boyhood dream as a netminder for the Essex club.

    Petr Cech is 40 years old at present and will be part of the squad against Invicta Dynamos in the two-legged National League Division One South Cup final, where he joined the second-tier outfit last year. Besides, Cech, apart from football has also impressed at a lower level for Guildford Phoenix.

    Captain Callum Burnett on Petr Cech

    The captain of BBC Essex, Petr Cech, told Petr Cech that he had brought an element of calmness and had joined in with the group very well. In the last few games, Cech has been really impressive; hence they’re happy to have him there, and they trust him too. Callum Burnett also said that they understand where he has been in his time in football, but Cech understands that this is a different sport, this is their game, and it is very different from football as well. Cech gives them words of wisdom, and they all appreciate him. He really does his job great, and they all appreciate him being around.

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    Cech made his debut for the Chieftains in November against Oxford City Stars and secured the player-of-the-match award. He said in this regard that he still has a different feeling in himself because he wants to perform. He wants to win, he wants to perform and he hates losing. It is the same feeling that he had when he played football, he added.

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