Atlas Fallen Gameplay trailer shows the Games amazing and flashy combat experience

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    Deck13 has released the “Rise from Dust” gameplay reveal trailer for Atlas Fallen, which features an impressive apocalyptic open-world desert, several fights against legendary monsters, and some flashy combat moves and mechanics. The trailer also shows how players will move through the game’s landscape, demonstrating quick movement with sand-surfing fluidity.

    Atlas Fallen promises players the chance to “glide the sands of a timeless land,” gain magical strength and find one-of-a-kind weapons in their quest to defeat legendary monsters. By utilizing the essence of the game’s enemies and farming-specific resources, you will be able to customize your character’s abilities and cultivate a distinct play style. It will culminate in some super-powered moves, which appear to include airborne magical flourishes, conjuring large hammers, and other weapons in the Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer.

    Atlas Fallen is set in a world where you must free mankind from the oppression of cruel gods, and as seen in the gameplay, this entails a lot of hacking, slashing, and deft dodging in a semi-open world where you can take advantage of the sandy environment.

    Another intriguing feature is the ability to create a custom playstyle by absorbing the essence of your enemies and tailoring a one-of-a-kind system for your character. The main difference here is that, unlike its work on The Surge series, Deck13 has confirmed that the game isn’t Souls-like and instead leans more into the power fantasy of the action-RPG genre, a la Devil May Cry.

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    Exploration appears to be a big part of the game, as the trailer shows a lot of different set pieces, from beautiful dunes to deserted cities and ancient temples. There are also hints of moving ruins, implying that some of the environments will be interactable.

    The game features a single-player campaign that allows players to take on the corrupted gods alone, as well as an online cooperative mode if you prefer to slay these monstrosities with a friend. Atlas Fallen will be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam on May 16.

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