Get An Exciting List of Best Places for Loot Chests in Fortnite

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    Best Places for Loot Chests in Fortnite

    In the latest season of Fortnite, we have seen many several changes in the map that can give many impacts and the quality of the loot areas also has fallen and risen with the ranking of the best locations. Now you can easily get alien weapons and NPCs all over the map and also very close in such towns and also shift the balance as the result of the looting.

    There are several new locations like Corny Complex and Believer Beach that has already a huge amount of traffic that has been compared with the names of the locations. In this, we like to add new places like IO Tech bases and it also has such pull players for the destinations as well.

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    We will provide you with a list of the Best Places for Loot Chests in Fortnite-

    Loot Chests in Fortnite

    5. Dirty Docks

    This location is definitely a long-time favourite for all the Fortnite players for a long time. In this players can get constant attention when not being to be super busy at the beginning of the game. In this location, players will be got a huge amount of loot chests and also provides players with the item for gearing up without any obstacles that increase its popularity for now.

    It has been also farmed multiple vehicles for the type of escape from the storm. All the squads are also filled with fuel at any aspect for preparing with themselves and also the remaining game that will viable the spot.

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    4. The Crater

    This location of the map also will fetch huge attention for the players from every angle. After transforming a meteor into a massive divet in the map there Are plenty of alien weapons and also technology that one can get here.

    We can also get high amounts of the resources for gathering the cased of such sudden battle to sneak the enemies. It will provide players also the second destination with Boney Burbs and also Corny Complex.

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    3. Dinky Dish

    This POI arrives like the latest IO base of Fortnite that fills with IO Tech Weapons utilizes to battle against alien technology. It will contain many regular loot chests like several supply chests that will include IO tech weapons. It also provides a good defence to the players so they can identify enemies from the downhill and the method of the gateway has been made with IO vehicles and also infinite launch pads.

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    2. Believer Beach

    In this season it is the new and popular location and also gets a huge amount of attention based on it. It has contained with the top spawns rate for the loot chests and it stretches along the wide section of the land and has left the room to shift across the enemy crew.

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    1. Corny Complex

    In the upper and right section of the map, there are also previously named Colossal Crops of the map and has to hold a huge amount of looting opportunity. Like the map in the centre, there are looting rotations that are also optimal in such a separate circle of the storm patterns.

    It has contained a lot of chests for the whole squad for gearing up like the underground IO base having the latest weapons. The brave players who wish to come here better to take preparation for the incredible battle earlier.

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