Top 10 Richest Sports Leagues in the world according to Their Revenue Per Match in 2024

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    Get A List of the Richest Sports Leagues in the world

    Sport is an important part of human life, but now physical activity has grown to make a professional business. There are many leagues that are more profitable beyond your imagination. Sports is one thing that everyone likes and the reason is definitely, fun, exciting, healthy, unpredictable, and they also make us feels alive. For the people for who sports are a business then the profitable sports league is definitely a huge asset to them. The global turnover of the sports industry is $620 billion. 

    Undoubtedly, Sports is now one part of the entertainment industry getting billions of dollars from many sources. The profit of the Sports league also comes from sponsorship, ticket revenues, transfers, stadium rentals, broadcasting deals, merchandise, and many more. Sports teams are owned by billionaires who invest a homage amount of money into the new players, new stadiums, and also arenas, and brand management. 

    Here is the list of the Top 10 Richest Sports Leagues in the world 

    Richest Sports Leagues in the world

    10. UEFA Champions League 

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    Revenue: $2 Billion 

    UEFA stands for Union of European Football Association. It is a professional football association that was established in the year 1954. A total of 32 teams take part In every season and are selected for the finals depending on their performances. 22 teams have conquered the prestigious tournament. The association paid more than 400 million pounds per year from 2021-to 2024. 

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    9. Serie A 

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    Revenue: $2.3 Billion 

    It seems to be a much more profitable and popular leader. The Italian language system contains iconic like AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, and many more. This league also enjoys 234.7k average viewers from the stadium. The popular and the most talented and hard-working footballer Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the competition. 

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    8. Germany’s Bundesliga 

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    Revenue: $4.4 Billion 

    Bundesliga is a professional football association that is based in Germany. The Bundesliga contains 18 teams and can operate on the system with promotion and relegation. The reports say that the annual revenue is $4.3 billion. The watching hours of the audience are too high. 

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    7. La Liga Santander 

    Revenue: $4.5 Billion 

    LaLiga is definitely the biggest Spanish football league getting 8th position from the benefit perspective. This league is the home of some most expensive and most popular sports franchises. This league is definitely the second most-watched league in the world. It contains legendary clubs just like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have traditionally dominated the competition. It seems that the Los Blancos are the most popular club in the history of the league winning 34 times. It seems Atletico Madrid is getting champions of the competition. The club has generated annual revenue of $4.5 billion. 

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    6. National Hockey League (NHL) 

    Revenue: $5.08 Billion 

    National Hockey League got the sixth position as a profitable sports league on tanking by revenue. At the end of   207/208 NHL made $4.43 billion In revenues. In this league 1 team entered the top 50 lists of the most beneficial sports franchises in the world. It has enhanced the revenue to $5.08 billion. 

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    5. English Premier League (EPL) 

    Revenue: $5.3 Billion 

    The English Premier League is also one of the undisputed leaders with viewership along with the globe. It has been considered the toughest league competition in the world. This league contains Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, and Tottenham Hotspur. This league has a total attendance of 38,181 people. The cost per broadcast per game of the Premier League is $11.23 million between 2022 and 2023. 

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    4. National Basketball Association (NBA) 

    Revenue: $8 Billion 

    On the basis of fame and popularity, this league was also enjoyed across the world. The NBA mainly follows North America and the other sections of the world. The league has signed a deal with national TV broadcasters and brings more than $2.6 billion each year. The most valuable team is the New York Knicks worth $3.6 billion and the other clubs Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors also close to the club. 

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    3. Major League Baseball 

    Revenue: $10 Billion 

    Major League Baseball is definitely another profitable sports league. The fan-based of this league is mostly based in the US. It takes the second position as the profitable league. The annual income of MLB is $10 billion which means each team’s profit of more than $300 million. The league contains famous baseball clubs like Los Angeles Dodgers. It is informed that out of 50 comes from this Sports League. Initially, the gross revenue was $1.2 billion. 

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    2. Indian Premier League (IPL) 

    Revenue: $10 Billion 

    If you love cricket then you should definitely be aware of this league. It is one of the most profitable sports leagues. IPL is one of the fastest-growing leagues in the world.  The league makes a huge sense as India is a home of  1.43309 billion people. The reports say it is the most-watched TV broadcast ever in India. In this league, 8 teams play within 47 day period. In 2022, there are a total of ten teams that participated in the league. The cost per game to broadcast in the IPL is 15.1 million. 

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    1. National Football League 

    Revenue: $16 Billion 

    European football is undoubtedly one of the most famous sports in the world. However, American football is the most beneficial league. This NDL is just valued at $13 billion which indicates how much they can create every year. This league contains 29 out of the 50 richest franchises including the most valuable franchise like Dallas Cowboys. TV contracts generate the most revenue. This league sells many broadcasting rights for billions of dollars to the biggest media companies like FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and continued. NFL  attracts the audience mainly from USA and Canada. The cost of broadcasting every game of the NFL  is a minimum of $36 billion. 

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