Here is the list of the Top 10 Strongest Hotel Brands in 2024 

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    Top 10 Strongest Hotel Brands in 2024 

    Brand Finance is really one of the top and leading brand valuation consultancies with the total annual ‘Hotels 50 2024’ report. Taj Hotel has been recognized as the top most valuable brand. The Taj Hotel has managed via Indian Hotels Company Limited (IGCL). The top hotel brands also hold strong operating hotels, resorts, jungle safaris, palaces, spas, and in-light catering services. The company is a big part of the Tata Group in India. 

    All the Top 10 Hotel Brands in 2024- 

    10. W Hotels 

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    Hotels Worldwide have got the tenth position. The total score is 85.5. The total strength is AAA. 


    9. Waldorf Astoria 

    Waldorf Astoria is the ninth top hotel brand in 2022. The total strength is 85.9. The total strength is AAA. 

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    8. Residence Inn by Marriott 

    Residence Inn by Mariott takes the eighth place The Marriott has its own charm, for the visitors. The total score is 86.3 with AAA strength. 


    7. Shangri-La 

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    The Hotel comes to Resort is really one of the tops and most favorable hotels take seventh place. The hotel comes resorts have a score of 86.6. The total strength is AAA. 

    6. JW Marriott 

    JW Mariott is one of the top hotel brands with sky-high fame. The hotel brands are really one of the tops most from serving delicious food, luxurious services, and many things. The total score is 86.6. the total strength is AAA. 


    5. Embassy Suites 

    The Embassy Suites has taken the fifth position. The top luxurious, and popular hotel brand has a score of 86.6. the total hotel strength is AAA. 

    4. Hampton Inn 

    Hampton is the op hotel brand that secures the fourth position.  The total score of this popular hotel brand is 86.9. the hotel’s strength is AAA. 


    3. Hilton Hotel & Resorts 

    The third top hotel brands and famous resorts hold a total score of 88.0. The total strength of this Hotel brand & resort is AAA. 

    2. Premier Inn 

    Premier Inn is the second strongest hotel brand that has a score of 88.2. This hotel brand also holds the strength of AAA. 


    1. Taj Hotel 

    Taj is definitely one of the strongest and most renowned hotel brands with a score of 88.9. the strength of Taj is AAA. The hotel belongs to the Tata Group. 

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