Karim Benzema could have played at the World Cup for France

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    There’s no denying that the 2022/23 season isn’t in big favor for Karim Benzema. Till now, he has had five physical setbacks that kept him away for 77 days. He could only play 57 percent of the games for Real Madrid, i.e.,12 out of 21.

    Benzema could have appeared in the World Cup with France

    A lot of confusion surrounds Benzema’s recent case of quick departure from the World Cup due to injury. The facts are transparent. 

    On 2nd November, he appeared for 26 minutes at Celtic. He felt uncomfortable, had muscle fatigue, and couldn’t appear in Real Madrid’s last two matches before the break. Rumors came up that he’s willing to save himself for the World Cup, which didn’t stand out to be a good impression for his club. On November 19, with France in Qatar during a practice session, he suffered a muscle injury. 

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    It’s a fact that MRI is a complementary test, and a clinical exam is required to render a meaningful opinion on the injury. But from some is the leaked images, it’s visible a tear of the fascia surrounding the muscle and edema of the muscle close to it. Precisely, no muscle fiber involvement.

    Could he have played in the World Cup?

    Officially, it would take 21 days to recover. And it happened too. On December 10th, he joined Real, while France appeared in the semis on December 14th. Just a day later, he played for Legumes in a friendly encounter when his national side was already preparing for the finals without him. 

    To wrap up? Yes, Karim Benzema could have played in the Qatar World Cup 2022. This is indeed been a huge bad luck for the French international. Else, a combination of him, Mbappe, and Griezmann would be really thought to beat.

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