Barcelona hoping to avoid ban and play in the Champions League next season

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    The Catalan giants Barcelona FC are on hope to play in the Champions League in their next campaign. A ban on Los Blaugranas in the next UCL will make them experience a massive financial problem again,, and their capacity to bring a new investment will be in danger indeed. However, Barca is hopeful that the governing authority of the tournament, i.e., the UEFA, will be on their side on whether or not to kick them out of the competition next campaign.

    Even without getting kicked out of the group in the present season, the Catalan giants still earned a total of  70 million euros from being in Europe as well as in a more successful campaign, they would expect to earn an even higher amount, close to 120 million euros. That particular sum is needed to be wiped off of next year’s projected income if Barca is planning to miss out for a season.

    What will the drop in revenue mean for Barcelona?

    The drop in revenue for Barcelona will signify that La Liga will order them to spend even less on their squad, which will be even more difficult for the club to register new contracts including Gavi, Ronald Araujo, as well as Alejandro Balde. Barcelona is soon hoping to finalize the 1.5 billion borrowing plan that several biggest banks of the world have been supervising on their behalf. It is to be seen whether a drop in the revenue in the upcoming season could affect the deadline being met.

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    La Liga has already hit Barca once regarding changing the rules on what percentage of the money raised by selling off future earnings they can spend on the squad. Reports state that the club leased a total of  49 percent of future television rights, along with 49 percent of Barça Studios, to investors last summer, as well as they were hoping to do something similar with the club’s merchandising arm this year.

    However, La Liga has already told them only five percent of the money raised this way can go towards increasing permitted squad spending. On the other hand, Barcelona maintains that they have done nothing wrong and they will cooperate fully with UEFA.

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