Wigan Athletic players refuse to train unless their wages are paid

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    Reports state that the Wigan athletic players have refused to train unless their wages are paid. This has happened for the fifth time this season, and the actions for the players seem a bit obvious to some fans. The club is currently at the bottom of the Championship and some serious concerns in the club have been raised regarding its financial situation.

    Wigan has failed to pay their players on several occasions as mentioned, and received  a three-point deduction from the English Football League this week as a consequence too. With the group meetings, the players eventually decided to to stay away from the training until the wage issue is resolved again. Steven Caulker who plays as the centre-back in the club, hit out at the owner’s ‘scandalous lies’ with a Linkedin post of his, quoting Julian Assange.

    Wigan’s Steven Caulker’s Linkedin post

    Wigna’s Steven Caulker said in that LinkedIn post that this lies them as players have been told by Wigan Athletic F.C. is absolutely scandalous. There can be several reasons for payment not being processed on time, once or twice, but to experience this a total of  5 times this season is completely unacceptable. He further added that they are told as players every day that the money is on its way and will “hopefully” reach our account by the afternoon, and again 14 days later, the money still hasn’t arrived.

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    Caulker also said that the thing which is more concerning is that, they are due be paid again on the 7th of April and the club are unable to confirm whether they will have enough funds for this. Since he arrived at this club, he has seen players as well as backroom staff work tirelessly to try to keep the club within the race to the championship. and it is really painful to see that the task has become harder each day.

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