Zombie survival Game The Day Before gets new 10 mins Gameplay footage

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    The Day Before, an apocalyptic shooter originally scheduled for release in 2021, has suffered numerous delays and setbacks, sowing seeds of doubt in its fanbase and drawing comparisons to the similarly troubled survival horror project Abandoned. Fntastic recently promised to release 10 minutes of brand-new gameplay footage, then backed out due to an apparent copyright issue, and then changed their tune again, delivering the promised clip on February 2, 2023.

    The Day Before was once one of the most eagerly anticipated survival-crafting games on Steam. However, the game’s listing was mysteriously removed and has yet to be replaced, and scepticism remains high as the developer appears to be embroiled in an odd copyright battle that, according to most fans, paints Fntastic in a less-than-ideal light. Previously, the studio was only known for small-scale outings that were quickly forgotten, and it appears that Fntastic, a volunteer-run studio, has taken on more than it can chew.

    Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding The Day Before, the developer managed to deliver the promised gameplay footage within the timeframe it had specified.

    Crafting and weapon customization appear to be at the heart of the experience, with combat appearing to be fairly bare-bones, as was the case with similar titles like DayZ. Unfortunately, the footage appears constrained and somewhat inorganic, raising concerns among those looking forward to the game’s release.

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    The Day Beforce
    credit: wccftech

    While the original release date of 2021 may have been overly optimistic, the developers eventually decided to switch to the Unreal 5 engine and push The Day Before back to March 2023. That is, until late January, when the developer announced that the game would be delayed again until November 2023. Few would argue against delaying a game if it meant improving the development process, but multiple delays in a development cycle are often not a good sign for the project.

    Though the practise has been tainted by years of mismanagement by disorganised developers, The Day Before should consider using early access. It may be far from feature complete, but if the new gameplay trailer is accurate, there appears to be enough to potentially break the never-ending cycle of delays by releasing a playable prototype in the near future. Even if it’s not the intended experience, it could help to repair the title’s and developer’s tarnished reputations.

    The Day Before will be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X on November 10, 2023.

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