Xiaomi 12S Ultra gets confirmed for a Global Launch

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    Last month, Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the company’s largest and most expensive conventional smartphone to date. The 12S Ultra was released just in China and will only be sold there; however, it seems that things will be different for its replacement the following year.

    In a response to an Android Central review tweet, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed the company’s plans to launch its next-gen Ultra model on the global market. “The next iteration of Ultra will be available in our global markets!”, the executive tweeted. 

    Every year, Xiaomi releases one or two Ultra models—typically a true flagship under the Xiaomi brand’s umbrella and a “flagship killer” from Redmi.

    The “Redmi K50 Ultra” was instead marketed as the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition this year, and the firm only released the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. That strongly suggests that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be the company’s next “Ultra” model.

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    In any case, the company launched the Mi 11 Ultra globally last year, so it wouldn’t be strange to see the Xiaomi 13 Ultra hit the same market. Even though the 12S Ultra will never be sold outside of China, rumours on the street suggest that Xiaomi had previously planned to release the Xiaomi 12 Ultra before abandoning those plans. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will probably mark a sort of comeback for such ideas.

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