Apple is expected to make $1.5 billion in Laptop sales this Year in India

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    Apple is expected to generate more than $1.5 billion in income from its laptops in India this year, an increase of around 50% over last year, thanks to growing adoption by bigger companies like Wipro and a growing community of content and app producers.

    According to Counterpoint Research, with this expansion, the US-based company might take up to a fourth of the country’s entire laptop revenue share. Apple’s smartphones are already in high demand, and in 2022, shipments of these devices are predicted to reach all-time highs.

    According to the research company, the Indian laptop industry as a whole is anticipated to reach $6–7 billion in 2022. It stated that although Apple only holds a 5% market share of the overall Indian PC corporate market, its shipments of personal computers (PCs) and laptops to Indian businesses have increased by more than 50% year over year in the first half of 2022.

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    According to Neil Shah, vice president of research at Counterpoint, the demand for MacBooks from consumers and larger businesses has been robust for the Apple brand.

    “The key reasons being, enterprises are seeing MacBooks as a longer term investment – from getting regular updates for even more than five to seven years, stability, privacy and secure OS (operating system), growing MDM (mobile device management) support, improved performance from computing as well as the battery life perspective, overall reduced total cost of ownership and increasing attraction and retention tool for younger employees to use and sport Apple devices with a coolness quotient attached to it,” said Shah.

    Analysts noted that Apple has done well to increase the number of corporate resellers and its presence in important tier-1 and tier-2 cities for its services, which has also aided in increasing enterprise sales.

    Furthermore, over the past 15 months, many major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have struggled to sell high-end PCs to businesses due to supply chain concerns. Apple has been able to beat off the competitors in that area thanks to its tight control over the supply chain, according to Shah.

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    “With its ever-expanding bouquet of hardware and software services, along with strong focus on security and privacy, Apple is uniquely positioned for growth in its enterprise business in India, said Prabhu Ram, head, Industry Intelligence Group at CMR. “This growth is primarily driven by the growing hybrid and flexible work future and driven by digital natives in the workforce,” he said.

    The recent launch of Apple’s MacBook computers by IT Wipro to entice elite talent straight out of college was one of the company’s biggest triumphs in India.

    Luca Maestri, chief financial officer, Apple, said in a recent earnings call, “Wipro, another large global enterprise customer, is investing in MacBook Air as a competitive advantage when recruiting new graduates globally, thanks to its superior performance and lower total cost of ownership.”

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