Xbox Series X and Xbox One Games will soon receive FSR 2.0 Support

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    According to a recent Tweet from the GPUOpen team and Xbox’s Jason Ronald, AMD’s Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2 is giving up its PC-only status and will soon be accessible on Xbox platforms. The Xbox development teams have already received the upscaler, and they are presently testing it in preparation for use in upcoming games. All Xbox One consoles from previous generations, including the Xbox Series X and S, will support FSR 2.0.

    Other than the Steam Deck, the FSR 2.0 interface with Xbox is the first use of AMD’s innovative temporal upscaling outside of the PC industry. While it will take some time to determine how prominent FSR will be in Xbox games, there is a good probability that the technology’s version 2.0 will be a huge hit on Microsoft’s gaming platform.

    Resolution upscalers are a frequent feature on consoles like the Xbox. Because some of these consoles have an incredibly long lifespan, upscaling is practically necessary to keep the GPU from becoming outdated within a few years. Almost all Xbox (and PlayStation) games use some form of upscaling to reach a target frame rate of 30, 60, or even 120 fps on current-gen consoles at higher resolutions, whether it is checkerboarding or a competing temporal solution.

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    Integrating FSR 2.0 into developer tools, which may be pretty probablematic for many games, will be the biggest hurdle. FSR 2.0’s more complex temporal solution requires extra data, some of which may not already be provided by the game engine, such as depth buffers, motion vectors, and color buffers. Because it might take a lot longer to implement this additional data than FSR 2.0 itself, the development period for its deployment will be extended.

    Perhaps the most surprise assertion from the tweets is the integration of FSR 2.0 with the Xbox One and its hardware, which is substantially older than the Series X and S. Given that FSR 2.0 already has a very severe minimum GPU requirement at 4K with an RX 5700 and RTX 2070, and a GTX 1080 and RX 6500 XT for 1440P, we wonder if the Xbox One’s GPU can handle such a compute-intensive upscaler.

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