Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 gets a price hike in India

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    Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 prices have increased once more in India thanks to pricing increases from Microsoft and Sony. With a price increase of about 6,000 rupees, the Xbox Series X will now be available in India for a starting price of Rs 55,990. The digital version of the Sony PlayStation 5 is now available in India for Rs 44,990, while the physical version is now available for Rs 54,990.

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    Microsoft hasn’t publicly disclosed the price increase, but business insider Rishi Alwani has tweeted confirmation of the information. Alwani mentioned that the new Xbox Series X price will start to apply this month.

    The cost of Sony’s PS5 accessories hasn’t changed, but the price of the PlayStation 5 (Review) has increased in the nation. Sony hasn’t acknowledged the increase, but Alwani previously anticipated it would happen shortly. The PS5 is similarly priced at Rs 54,990 on the ShopAtSc website.

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    The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition were first launched for Rs 49,990 and Rs 39,990, respectively, whereas the Xbox Series X had a debut price of Rs 49,999 in India.

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