WWE 2K23 trailer shows the game bringing the highly requested WarGames Mode

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    WWE 2K23 will be released on March 17, and it will include several improvements. Visual Concepts is adding the highly requested WarGames match type, as well as major changes such as adding multiple seasons to MyGM Mode and including a 2K Showcase mode about a Superstar’s failures—that is, some of John Cena’s toughest fights in his career.

    WarGames in WWE 2K23 is a chaotic new addition that is a lot of fun but not without its challenges. WarGames is a 3v3 or 4v4 (we could only play 3v3 matches) match type that features two rings surrounded by a steel cage. The match does not officially begin until every competitor is in the ring, as the first two competitors enter the ring and everyone else follows at alternate intervals, preventing players from gaining an early victory. At first, the match looks and feels a lot like a Steel Cage match, but with two rings instead of one, because the steel cage allows for some great high-flying action.

    In WarGames, one WWE 2K23 team has an advantage due to the order in which they enter the ring.

    credit: gamespot

    Players can take advantage of it, give it to the opposing team, or let it be random, but this quickly turns the match into a handicap match that turns into a tag team match that turns into a 3v2 handicap match, and so on, bringing chaos into the ring. Once everyone is inside the cage, players must be aware of all submissions, pinfalls, and the like, because that is all it takes to win or lose.

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    This means that players must keep an eye on what’s going on in both rings and can switch between team members to assist where needed. The double rings add a nice “management” element to the gameplay, and it was a lot of fun no matter how many times we played it.

    WWE 2K23 release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on March 17.

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