Sony restores the PS5 Supply chain to start 2023 with a Bang!

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    The PS5 was released in late 2020 with a limited supply warning. The problems persisted in 2021, with no signs of improvement in 2022. Sony even had to reduce production due to component supply and logistics issues, indicating that the issues would persist into 2022.

    And while Sony is gearing up to launch its second generation VR headset on February 22nd, and an important part of that preparation is announcing that the PlayStation 5 supply issues have been resolved.

    credit: Sony

    Fans in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg can purchase a PS5 online from, which also sells games and accessories such as the recently released DualSense Edge controller.

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    Sony welcomes the new year with “with increased supply of PS5 consoles”.

    And a new ad campaign called “Live from PS5”, which depicts fan favourite virtual heroes entering the real world.

    Sony appears to expect things to slow down after the initial surge of orders, with the shipping target for April 2023 to March 2024 set at only 1.5 million units. Consumers may have been put off by the high price – the digital PS5 is $400, the disc version is $500, so the PSVR2 costs more than the console itself.

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