Windows laptop Vs Chromebooks: What to buy?

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    Windows laptop or Chromebooks: Which one is better and why?

    The Windows laptop runs Microsoft Win 10 and 11, which is a dominant OS for laptops for over 25 years. They run Windows applications, from Microsoft products to many third-party software. Windows laptops are available in desktop and laptop formats, and configurations to meet demand, from basic productivity to resource-intensive workstations.

    Start Menu is the command center of Win 10. The Chromebook is much simpler. (Win 10 users can also run Linux.) Chromebooks may be cheap, but they are very flexible.

    On the Chromebook, many applications are under the taskbar.
    Physically, a Chromebook looks a lot like a Windows laptop, with a keyboard, monitor, and front-facing camera for video conferencing.
    Most Chromebooks are clamshell type, but now we see more convertible devices because they are compatible with Android apps. Keep in mind that most 360-degree/2-in-1 convertibles push the keyboard away, essentially turning the Chromebook into a large, bulky tablet.

    Microsoft Cortana runs on Windows, but Google Assistant only runs on Google’s Pixelbook devices.
    In it, the only real difference is the processor. Chromebook and Windows laptops also have a lot of overlap. Less storage means less cost, many Chromebooks also use cheap eMMC flash memory to save even more. Both Chromebooks and Windows tablets allow external storage.

    The only Chromebook that supports the Google Assistant so far is the Google Pixelbook. Like the Chrome browser, enter a search question in the launcher and Google will return the answer. This feature is now available in Chrome OS 90.

    Microsoft’s own digital assistant, Cortana, is compatible with all Windows laptops that include a microphone, that’s almost all of them. However, Amazon’s Alexa is now also added as a Cortana partner app, or “skill,” meaning users get two assistants for one price.

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