Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious and famous Tennis tournaments: Why is this tournament so popular?

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    Wimbledon is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious tournaments in sports history. From fame to prestige to elegant green grass and big names and games, the tournament has it all. Denoted as the Wimbledon Championship, this tennis delicacy is the oldest and the most prestigious tournament on this planet. 

    The beauty of Wimbledon: what makes it so prestigious?

    Wimbledon, noted as the most prestigious tennis league in the universe, has several reasons to stand out. Starting in 1877, the All England Club tournament has seen many talents in making, many tearful retirements, and millions of joyous crowds. 

    One of the main reasons behind its grandeur is its player on the grass court. The beautiful, lush green fields call for utmost fitness, dignified games, and well-versed shots. Also, despite the games being able to continue until 11 p.m. with the lights’ help, Wimbledon is the only existing grand slam event to enforce a night curfew.

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    Another vibrant reason to fall in love with this tournament is the dress code. It needs the players to put on completely white attire, giving the tournament a more classy and elegant look. Even the tournament takes care of the traditions really fine. Distinguished guests and members of the British Royal Family honor the Royal Box, witnessing the games with a regal touch.

    Slazenger has been partnering with Wimbledon since 1902, recording the longest-existing sponsorship.

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    The 136th Grand Tennis Extravaganza!

    The 136th edition of the tournament started on July 3rd and will be running till the 16th of this month. One of the most exciting parts is Kings Charles III will honour the tournament for the first time ever since the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

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