EXPLAINED: Dark Urge Character of Baldurs Gate 3 – Everything you need to know

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    Baldurs Gate 3 provides players with fully customizable personas in addition to pre-made origin characters, The Dark Urge being possibly the most intriguing one revealed by Larian Studios. In Baldurs Gate 3, creating an origin character enables players to view the narrative from a slightly different and emphasized perspective. This is especially true for The Dark Urge.

    Of all the Origin characters, The Dark Urge is the most distinctive. When choosing this route, most players will have pre-made characters with predetermined races and classes; if players create creative characters, origins become companions in Baldurs Gate 3.

    To put it another way, Origins places players in the role of friends like Shadowheart or Karlach and lets them control the narrative. However, The Dark Urge is still entirely editable, and Game Rant learned about its history during a recent gameplay peek before the final Panel of Hell.

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    Players can still choose The Dark Urge’s looks, race, and class, unlike other original characters whose identities are predetermined, such as Karlach being a Tiefling Barbarian. The major adjustment is the inclusion of a fresh layer of violent intentions in the narrative.

    The short and sweet of it is, according to Baldurs Gate 3 creative head Swen Vincke, that players enter the game with no knowledge of what came before, but with a strong impulse to kill.

    Players can either give in to their terrible inclinations or fight them, just like the Mind Flayer tadpole in their head, which gives the MC serial killer undertones and provides a “really dark” plot.

    Whatever triggers The Dark Urge gives Baldur’s Gate 3’s protagonist a whole new, seemingly random, and wicked element. Although this may seem like a lot, Larian uses it to its advantage. Adam Smith, the lead author, cites a few instances where party members may draw parallels between the main character’s deadly deeds and the Mind Flayer tadpole while simultaneously wondering why it isn’t happening to them. In addition, participants have the option to reveal or conceal some of their actions.

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    Smith also gave a few illustrations of the operation of The Dark Urge. Gale is initially encountered by players in Baldurs Gate 3 as an enigmatic hand reaching out of a portal. Normal players are free to interact with or ignore Gale as they see fit, while Dark Urge players have the option to black out for virtually no reason at all and brutally murder Gale there and then. Players of Dark Urge won’t be able to recall their actions or even think about why they did it when asked why.

    Setting up camp in Baldurs Gate 3 and waking up to find a random assortment of dead bodies there with no apparent pattern or purpose, forces players to either conceal the body or bodies or confess to their group, and these are only a few instances in a plot that lasts the entirety of Baldur’s Gate 3’s gameplay.

    In other words, in addition to creating their unique characters and enjoying pre-made characters, it adds a brand-new, violent tale that gamers might want to check out. The Dark Urge, which is quite dark, sits somewhere in the midst of the two.

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    Baldurs Gate 3 launches for PC on August 3 with the PS5 version following on September 6.

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