Wild Hearts is the new Monster Hunting Game in market targeted at Everyone

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    Wild Hearts by Omega Force and Koei Tecmo is a new take on the popular monster-hunting genre, fusing nature, beast, human, and machine. Omega Force and Koei Tecmo, known for their well-regarded Dynasty Warrior and Nioh games, are focused on making Wild Hearts a new pillar for both companies. EA is assisting them by publishing this new IP under the EA Originals banner—a new direction for all parties involved.

    EA has certainly been on a new trajectory in the last year or so, releasing a slew of high-quality games that few would have predicted not long ago. It Takes Two, Need for Speed: Unbound, and the Dead Space remake have all been pleasant surprises from a company that appeared to be ignoring single-player or narrative experiences in favour of live-service games only a few years ago.

    Players will be able to use the new Karakuri crafting system, which allows them to instantly construct objects in the heat of battle. The Karakuri are designed to give players an advantage, whether it’s a box to climb on to get closer to the massive Kemono or a spring to help you quickly evade devastating incoming attacks.

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    Wild Hearts
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    Wild Hearts was created with much of the same technology that powers other Omega Force games such as Hyrule Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, and a slew of others.

    This means that the new monster-hunting game has inherited many of these titles’ advantages and disadvantages, with performance appearing to be one of its main issues. The good news is that EA is already collecting community performance feedback on the company’s official forum. However, it’s worth noting that the thread appears to be solely focused on PC performance issues, with no mention of the game’s problematic console builds.

    The good news for Xbox players is that a large Wild Hearts trial is now available through Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play. Those interested in seeing what all the fuss is about should be able to properly test the game on Xbox Series consoles and see if its performance is acceptable as it stands. Improvements should occur in the future, but they are not guaranteed at this time.

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