Widlight Entertainment is the studio which has spawned right out of Respawn Gaming Studio

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    Former Respawn developers have announced the official formation of Wildlight Entertainment, a new gaming studio. A number of studios spun out of large-scale gaming companies, such as former Forza Horizon developers Maverick Games, have emerged in recent years. Wildlight appears to be the most recent addition to this list. While the new studio has yet to reveal more information about its plans, the former Respawn developers have stated that they are working on a shooter game.

    For decades, shooters have been a popular category in the gaming world, and this popularity appears to have grown in part due to popular live-service franchises such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends, among others. In addition, Apex Legends recently reached a new all-time peak player count, indicating that the genre continues to pique gamers’ interest.

    Widlight Entertainment

    It’s unclear what to expect from the former Respawn team, but it’s not unreasonable to think that the Widlight Entertainment studio would want to bring a similarly popular title to life.

    The newly formed Wildlight Entertainment team announced the official studio on social media today, despite the fact that the studio has reportedly been in the works since last year. Wildlight’s team consists primarily of creators from IPs such as Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Apex Legends, and the company has been dubbed a “remote first, hybrid friendly” company.

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    Dusty Welch, who previously served as Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for Respawn’s Apex Legends, is the studio’s co-founding CEO. Other than a new FPS title currently in development, Wildlight has not revealed any details about its upcoming work.

    It’s worth noting that this isn’t Respawn Entertainment’s first studio. Former Titanfall developers Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring founded Gravity Well in 2020, bringing experience from Call of Duty and Apex Legends. The studio, on the other hand, has yet to make any announcements about its gaming project.

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