Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gameplay breakdown shows action sequences and finally limb dismemberment

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    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor appears to have sneakily confirmed that limb dismemberment will be possible when fighting with the lightsaber in a recent gameplay video. Instead of simply whacking enemies with the iconic Star Wars weapon, the combat mechanics of the highly anticipated sequel appear to be more realistic.

    Fallen Order, the first installment in the series, is one of the most successful Star Wars games in recent years. Many fans of the films and some who weren’t even Star Wars fans at all found the game to be a fun experience, with incredible combat and the ability to explore and learn more about the lore of Star Wars.

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    However, some players were initially put off by the lack of dismemberment in the game because it contradicts the entire logic of a lightsaber. If a lightsaber existed in real life, it would undoubtedly cut through the limbs of anyone unfortunate enough to be struck by the weapon.

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    In an exciting twist, if footage from a gameplay demo is to be believed, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor appears to have learned from this error.

    There’s a variety of footage explaining the combat stances that will appear in the game in an eight-minute video posted by IGN. Cal, the protagonist, can be seen chopping off the leg of an enemy Scout Trooper just after the four-minute mark.

    Several minutes of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay have been released in recent weeks, but this appears to be the first to confirm the inclusion of a dismemberment feature in the combat mechanics. It’s unclear whether this will be a common occurrence, but even if dismemberment only occurs on rare occasions, those who complained about the feature being removed from Fallen Order will have something to rejoice about. This instance of human dismemberment was only seen for a brief moment, but the feature was prominently displayed.

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