Who is the highest paid boxer in history?

    Who is the highest paid boxer in history?

    Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is regarded as the highest paid boxer of all time as per reports, and his estimated earning is reportedly 1.33 billion euros. These figures of Floyd Mayweather denote the total earnings of his career, where account inflation is counted but taxes and other expenses are exempted.

    A list commenced from Sportico Study on fifty sportsmen with the highest income from salaries, investments and sponsorship in companies and things that are related to their earning activity, which is headed by the basketball legend Michael Jordan, having a worth of 3.1 billion euros.

    Seven boxers on the list

    Boxing is the third most represented sport in that list, and it includes a total of seven boxers. Besides the boxers, there are 13 basketball players and eight golfers too.

    Overall, Floyd Mayweather is the topper among the boxers, and he sits in the 8th position on the list he is above Mike Tyson who is in the 16th position with a worth of 825 million euros. Following him remains Manny Pacquiao (685m euros), George Foreman (640m), Oscar de la Hoya (630m), Evander Holyfield (565m). Also, the only active boxer on the list is, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (495m).

    Other than Foreman, the other boxers starred in the fights with the highest PPV sales ever, with Mayweather being the common denominator against Pacquiao, De la Hoya as well as Cancelo. Besides,it should be noted teo that the above mentioned names are heavyweights from another as well as a more brilliant era when these footballers stood out in the category.

    And indeed the list seems to be more or less perfect and especially depending on situations they have been through, and several other new boxers have got inspiration by them too.

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