Top global vehicle sales by country

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    The sales of vehicles all over the world is a stat that would blow your mind if you get into greater detail. There are thousands of vehicles all over the world which get sold daily, and global vehicle sales are measured on the number of vehicles sold from a country on a yearly basis. You might be thinking what is the top global vehicle by country? Check out the stats below that are given based on the 2022 census.

    China: 26,864,000

    Vehicle sales are always at a high rate in China and taking the concerned census into a note, China secured record sales of vehicles of all sorts which reached the 26 million mark, making the total number 26,864,000.

    US: 13,828,337

    Next in this list comes the name of the United States. Though China is at the top beating the others by a great margin, the US isn’t very far too. It recorded 13,828,337 sales of vehicles last year.

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    India: 4,367,964

    When it comes to selling vehicles, India is never out of the list. The nation is a place of several inborn vehicles and has the showroom of several multinational vehicle companies too. It recorded 4,367,964 vehicle sales last year.

    Japan: 4,167,590

    Japan has always been a hardworking country and carrying out a good amount of vehicle sales isn’t a big deal for them too. It sticks closely behind India, recording a good amount of vehicle sales of 4,167,590.

    Germany: 2,874,828

    German car companies are among the dream car organizations of several individuals, and it is indeed obvious they deserve a position in this list of vehicle sales. They recorded 2,874,828 sales, the last time.

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