Here is an Incredible list of Top Website Builders Available in 2024

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    Get A list of the Top Website Builders Available in 2023

    Nowadays if you have basic knowledge then anyone can make their website. Many website-making platforms are very beginner friendly that don’t require any special skills to use. Along with the industry leader as Wix, you have the access to a suite of versatile design tools that you can use to make a versatile and unique tool to make virtually anything you need for. On the market, there are countless options market has made it difficult to decide which one suits best your needs. 

    Here is the list of the Top Website Builders in 2024- 

    9. SimpleSite 

    Price- $11.25- $30.49 

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    SimpleSite is also a simple website builder designed for those who desire to get online with a minimum amount of fuss. The editor is severely limited with next to no design flexibility apart from the ability to re-order basic elements and adding own content. 

    Top Website Builders Available in 2023

    8. Jimdo 

    Price- $9 

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    Jimdo is a very simple website builder that allows you to launch a website in minutes. The website uses AI to get your site off the ground instead of getting you to choose a template. Your customization options are also limited. Jimdo is very user-friendly that doesn’t need any experience with website design. 

    7. Site123 

    Price- $4 

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    Site123 is one of the best beginner-friendly website builders. The site lacks advanced marketing and SEO features and its design flexibility is limited, but it does a great job of catering to those with little web development knowledge.  There’s a decent free plan available that you can use to test the builder, along with excellent support resources to help if you run into any problems. 


    6. HostGator 

    Price- $3.84/month 

    HostGator offers an excellent website builder that’s easy to use, extremely functional, and surprisingly affordable. HostGator offers an AI design process or a drag-and-drop page editor. The range of customization options is impressive, and we found the overall process of creating a website to be pretty pleasant. HostGator offers email marketing tools and e-commerce capabilities with all of its plans. 

    5. IONOS 

    Price- $1-$25 

    IONOS Website is a capable website builder for small businesses looking to become online. The platform offers 2 versions of its site builder to cater to both new designers and experienced creators, as well as 18 templates to help you get started on the right foot. 1&1 IONOS has a more advanced editor that offers plenty of design flexibility as well as excellent support for blogging. 


    4. HubSpot 

    Price- $25- $1200 

    HubSpot is best known for its advanced customer relationship management and workflow automation tools. HubSpot also offers an integrated content management system. The CMS Hub has a suite of tools to create your websites. The entire system links seamlessly with the rest of the HubSpot ecosystem. Its website builder is easy to use, and it boasts enough power to create scalable, high-performing sites.   


    3. Network Solutions 

    Price- $14.95-$109.80 

    The Network Solutions website builder has been designed to help you launch a basic website in minutes. There is a straightforward experience for beginners and well-made templates. The platform leaves a lot to be desired. As an example, Network Solutions doesn’t offer many customization options and its eCommerce plan doesn’t support inventory management. 

    2. Squarespace 

    Price- $14 

    Squarespace is an amazing website builder with some of the best designs on the market. The minimalist interface takes some getting used to. If you’re already familiar with more complex website-building tools. After the initial learning stage, you can build gorgeous responsive-design websites in no time. The complete Squarespace interface strikes the right balance between accessibility and complexity but is probably best suited for people with a decent understanding of computer applications. 



    Price- $14 is one of the best simple website creators that enables you to create a professional website from more than 150 templates. The platform provides decent customization options. The site editor can feel clunky. Additionally, only provides limited support for marketing and e-commerce. For a similar price, builders from Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy offer substantially more features. 

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