Top 5 Planned Marvel Movies That Were Never Made

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    Marble is one of the most successful cinematic universes ever in existence with a crazy fanbase. However, the franchise is still not free from cases where a movie was planned but didn’t come out to light. Surprisingly, Marvel has one of the biggest lists of cancelled movies to date.

    Chances are there that some of the films that were cancelled or characters might make a comeback in the future, administering Marvel’s interest in fan service. Let’s have a look at the list of top ten Marvel movies that were planned but didn’t come out.

    Note: The following articles contain Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers. Proceed accordingly if you are yet to watch the movie.

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    List of top 5 Marvel Movies That Was Planned But Never Came Out

    Hulk 2

    Starring Eric Bana in the main role, the first edition of Hulk in 2003 was an impressive hit, about to double the production value which would for any movie guarantee a sequel. However, after a set of production delays and the desired release date kept for 2005, the Hulk 2 was called off concerning the reboot of both the character’s story and a recasting for the main role.

    However, the reboot didn’t go well as the Incredible Hulk failed to amaze the audience. The Hulk was then reintroduced in Marvel’s Avengers with Mark Ruffalo smashing each of his scenes in this character, immortalizing the role and creating a permanent place in the fan’s hearts.

    Spider-Man 4,5,6

    Sam Raimi, who has been the main person to bring Spider-Man to life onscreen with three editions, had even planned for the next three seasons. However, he opted out in 2009 following some issues with script and antagonist selection for the fourth film. Tobey Maguire, playing the lead, left too, after Raimi walked away, leaving behind screenwriter James Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt then transformed his iteration to the Amazing Spider-Man.

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    The Amazing Spider-Man 3

    Similar to its predecessor, the trilogy wrapped up with an abrupt conclusion. Season 3 had been planned for 2017, but there were certain issues with Sony and Disney regarding the film’s deal. However, after a negative reception for the Amazing Spider-Man 2, the third edition was cancelled.


    Back in 2014, Inhumans seemed to have a great future and they were guessed to be the next big family in the Marvel universe. The film was announced to be set in 2018, then delayed to 2019 and in 2016 was excluded from the MCU lineup. The family was adapted to a TV show but failed to grab impressive ratings and audience attention.

    Kitty Pryde

    Back in 2018, there were discussions of a Kitty Pryde solo film in making alongside Tim Miller connected to the project helm. The code name was 143. However, the film was cancelled afterwards and fans assumed an attempt for a reboot for the entire X-Men slate could be the potential cause.

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    Ghost Rider 3

    After hitting two successful films with the Columbia Pictures, Ghost Rider 3 was almost sure. However, after a string of awful reviews and failure to reach the exact box office numbers as the first film, Nicolas Cage announced he was done with the particular character.

    Besides these movies, other films that were planned but never came out are Sinister 6, X Men Origins: Magento, Thunderbolts, Fantastic 2 (Reboot), Gambit.

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