Top 5 Indian captains with the most Test matches

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    The present Indian captain, Virat Kohli, overtakes the former Indian captain, MS Dhoni, to lead India in most test matches. He secured the top rank in this race, when he reached out at the toss against New Zealand in the WTC final, on Saturday. The match is being played at Hampshire Bowl in Southampton. King Kohli is now leading India as a captain for the 61 test, with Dhoni in the second position at 60.

    Indian captains most tests record

    • Virat Kohli – He is the current Indian Captain for 61 tests with 36 won, and 14 lost, 0 tied, and 10 drawn. His win percentage as a captain till now is 59.01% whereas he lose percentage is 22.95%.
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    Virat Kohli
    • MS Dhoni – MS Dhoni captained the Indian team in 60 test matches with 27 won and 18 lost. Under his captaincy, India drew 15 of them, having a loose percentage of 45% and 30% respectively.
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    MS Dhoni
    • Sourav Ganguly – Sourav Ganguly, considered as the greatest Indian captain ever by many experts, captained India in 49 test matches, where India won 21, and lost 13, and drew 15. The win percentage under his reign is 42.85, and 26.53 being the loss percentage.
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    Sourav Ganguly
    • Sunil Gavaskar & Mohammed Azharuddin – Both of the legendary Indian cricketers lead India in 47 tests. Under Gavaskar’s captaincy, India won 9 and lost 8, and drew 30 of them. The win percentage is 19.14% and 17.02%. On the other hand, under Azharuddin, India won and lost 14 matches, with 19 draws. Both the win and loss percentage is 29.78%.
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    Sunil Gavaskar
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    Mohammad Azharuddin
    • MAK Pataudi – Pataudi lead India in 40 tests, with 9 won, 19 lost, and 12 drawn. His win percentage was 22.5 and his loss was 47.5
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