Jose Mourinho labels Eden Hazard as an awful trainer

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    Jose Mourinho coached current Real Madrid player Eden Hazard during their Chelsea days. They won the Premier League title together in the 2014-15 season. Eden Hazard was one of the best players in the Premier League during his Chelsea days.

    However, the Belgian has somewhat faded away due to injury after signing for Real Madrid. But he is now slowly gaining his form with Belgium in the Euro 2020.

    Jose Mourinho has now spoken about his former Chelsea player. Asked on talkSPORT about Hazard’s ability, the new Roma coach was blunt. Mourinho said, via Marca: “An amazing player with awful training.”

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    “He gets on the pitch every morning and he doesn’t work much. You can imagine what he could be if he was a top professional.”

    Mourinho did, though, then go on to heap praise on the Belgian’s character. Mourinho added: “But he’s an incredible guy. He’s an incredible family man, and it seems like he doesn’t belong to this generation of players.”

    “He’s a quiet guy who’s focused on his family, his children, his parents. He has a very quiet life.”

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    “But when he gets onto the pitch in the morning he doesn’t do much work. What you see when he plays isn’t the reflection of a week’s work, but of his natural talent.”

    Mourinho also commented on what he expected of Hazard after his Real Madrid move: “He’s an incredible player and you can only imagine him if he was a top professional,” “When he went there I thought he was going to feel enormous pressure to always be at the top, and that he was going to win a Ballon d’Or, because he is incredible.”

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