Top 5 CM Punk best finishing moves in wrestling

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    CM Punk, a professional wrestler known for his charismatic persona and technical prowess, has used several impactful finishers throughout his career. Presently, he holds a contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Throughout his career, Punk showcased an impressive repertoire of finishing moves that captivated audiences and solidified his status as one of the all-time greats. In this article, we will delve into three of CM Punk’s most iconic finishing moves the Go-2-Sleep, the Anaconda Vice, and the Pepsi Plunge. Here are some of his best finishing moves.

    Top 5 CM Punk best finishing moves in wrestling

    Check out Top 5 CM Punk best finishing moves in wrestling in the list below.

    Go To Sleep (GTS)

    Among all the CM Punk best finishing moves, Perhaps CM Punk’s most iconic finisher, the Go To Sleep involves Punk lifting his opponent onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position, he then propels them into the air and drives his knee forcefully into their face, causing their face to slam down onto his knee. The impact sends them flying onto the mat, potentially rendering them unconscious. This move perfectly encapsulates Punk’s innovative and high-impact wrestling style.

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    Anaconda Vise

    Another unique option from the CM Punk best finishing moves, is the the Anaconda Vise which is a submission hold where Punk traps his opponent’s head and arm, applying pressure to the neck and jaw. Punk used this move to target his opponents’ weakness and force them to submit. To execute the Anaconda Vice, Punk would lock it on when his opponent was flat on their back or even after dragging them to the ground.

    He would bend back one of the wrestler’s elbows while clutching around their head, subjecting them to excruciating pain. Many of Punk’s adversaries succumbed to this submission hold, tapping out as a result of its unbearable pressure.

    Pepsi Plunge

    Early in his career, Punk used the Pepsi Plunge, a diving double underhook facebuster, as his finisher. This is also among the CM Punk best finishing moves, and the Pepsi Plunge stood out as a move that not only demonstrated his athleticism but also paid homage to his punk rock persona. The Pepsi Plunge was a diving double underhook facebuster that Punk popularized during his time in Ring of Honor, an independent wrestling promotion. It’s a high-risk maneuver performed from the top rope, showcasing Punk’s daredevil nature.

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    Welcome to Chicago, Motherf****r (WCTM)

    A variation of the Go To Sleep, the WCTM sees Punk performing a GTS on a seated or kneeling opponent. It adds a unique twist to his classic finisher.

    GTS – Go To Sleep (Running Variation)

    Similar to the original GTS, this variation involves Punk catching his opponent mid-run and delivering the knee strike, showing his ability to hit the move in different situations.

    It’s worth noting that finishers can vary over time in professional wrestling, and wrestlers may experiment with different moves throughout their careers. These are some of CM Punk’s most memorable finishers, but there might be others that he used as well.

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    This move involved Punk leaping from the top turnbuckle, gripping his opponent in a double underhook, and driving them face-first onto the canvas.

    CM Punk’s legacy in professional wrestling is defined not only by his captivating promos and charismatic persona but also by his unmatched in-ring abilities.

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