GTA 5 New Mod lets you talk to NPCs with the help of AI

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    A strange GTA 5 mod will make Los Santos even more immersive by allowing you to converse with NPCs using a microphone. The new version employs artificial intelligence and, like many other projects that use generative AI, it provides gamers with a taste of what the future of gaming may entail.

    The world has been in an AI mania since ChatGPT was published and soared in popularity last year. Suddenly, there were technologies offering automation for almost everything, with performance ranging from decent to mediocre. The gaming world, of course, would not be left out of this trend, and some modders began using AI to produce fresh material for gamers on the fly.

    Bloc, a GTA 5 modder, just released a new story mod called “Sentient Streets.”

     The GTA 5 mod is powered by over 30 AI models that allow gamers to communicate with the characters by using a microphone to ask questions, which are then translated by the AI and turned into actual vocal responses. According to the game’s inventor, users will be able to have open-ended interactions with characters in real-time, increasing immersion with role-playing features.

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    “Sentient Streets” has its tale, which concerns a strange, lethal cult known as The NihilAIsts. The cult is convinced they live within a game and worship an AI as their deity, which is hilarious. The player will take control of a police officer in Los Santos who will investigate some of the crimes that are taking place and will be able to freely interact with other police officers and cults, for example.

    It is possible to understand more about people’s origins, opinions, and so on by asking their names. Characters have distinct personalities and act very lifelike, albeit needing a few seconds to assimilate the information before responding to the player.

    Bloc’s latest GTA 5 hack is only one example of how generative AI may be used in games. One modder, for example, employed AI to give Skyrim NPCs memories a few months ago. This mod operated similarly to “Sentient Streets,” by utilizing ChatGPT and an AI dubbed Whisper to interact with the player in dynamic ways and remember knowledge from previous conversations.

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