Top 10 Volley Ball teams in the world in 2024 

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    Get A list of the Top 10 Volley Ball teams in the world

    Volley Ball is a fun game played mostly on beach holidays and at parties. In the field of international sport, Volley Ball also gets the same importance. In the world, there are many countries that have achieved huge a milestone in this sport. There are many countries already contains in the list. 

    Here is the list of the top 10 Volley Ball teams in the world- 

    10. Slovenia 

    Score: 259 

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    Slovenia’s national men’s volleyball team has represented Slovenia in international volleyball competitions and friendly matches. Slovenia was the runner-up at the European Volleyball Championship got three times, in 2015, 2019, and 2021. In 2022 Slovenia scored 259 and got 10th position. 

    Top 10 Volley Ball teams in the world

    9. Iran 

    Score: 278 

     Iran’s national volleyball team has been governed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation and become a part of international volleyball competitions. The national team won the Asian Volleyball Championship four times in 2011, 2013, 2019, and 2021. In 2014’s World League campaign, Iran’s national team reached fourth place in Group 1. In 2022 Iran scored 278 and got the ninth position. 

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    8. Japan 

    Score: 279 

    Japan’s men’s volleyball team represents Japan’s International volleyball competitions and friendly matches. The nickname of the team is “RYUJIN NIPPON” which means the dragon God of Japan. In volleyball, Japan won the bronze medal at the Tokyo 1964 Olympic games, silver at Mexico 1968, and gold at Munich 1972. After missing three consecutive Olympic games they have a gold medal at Beijing 2008, and 2012 Olympic games but missed RIO in 2016. In August 2021, at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, they finished in the seventh position. In 2022 they earned 279 points and take the eighth position. 

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    7. Argentina 

    Score: 280 

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    Argentina is renowned for all kinds of sports. Many great players belong to Argentina. In volleyball, the team has been controlled by Argentina Volleyball Federation. The team debut internationally at the South American championship in Rio de Janeiro in 1951 in fourth place. The teams got the bronze medal at the 1982 World Championship, the bronze medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics, and also two gold medals at the 1995 and 2015 Pan American games. In 2022, they scored 280 points and got the seventh position. 

    6. The USA 

    Score: 321 

    The United States volleyball team represents the national volleyball team in the country. The entire team got five Olympic medals of which three are gold medals. In 2016 The USA won the World Cup tournament and qualified for the in Rio de Janeiro. In 2022, the USA earned 321 points and got the sixth position. 

    5. Italy 

    Score: 348 

    Italy’s volleyball team represents the international competitions and friendly matches. The international volleyball team dominated in the 1990s and the early 2000s by conquering World Champions in a row with seven European championships. Italy also got a total of 68 medals among which 30 gold, 18 silver, and 20 bronze medals.  

    4. Russia 

    Score: 352 

    Russia’s men’s volleyball team is governed by the Russian Volleyball Federation. FIVB considers Russia as the inheritor of the records of the Soviet Union. In 1948, a year after the entire foundation of the international governing body. In 2022 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, International Volleyball Federation suspended all Russian teams, clubs, and officials.



    3. France 

    Score: 354 

    Frances’ national men’s volleyball team just reveals the country in international competitions and friendly matches. The country ranked 4th position in the FIVB world ranking, and this year France move one step ahead and got 3rd position with a 354 score. In 2015, France won the European Championship and World League. 

    2. Brazil

    Score: 370 

    Brazil’s women’s national volleyball team is administrated by the Confederacao Brasileira de Voleibol and takes part in international volleyball competitions. The country of sports got three times of the World |Championship and nine times the World Championship. In 2022, Brazil ranked 2nd position on the FIVB World Rankings. Brazil scored 370. 

    image 56

    1. Poland 

    Score: 391 

    Polland’s national team got the first position. The volleyball team is controlled by the Polish Volleyball Federation. The country reigning the World champion in 2014. Poland achieves at the 1974 World Championship and the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics. The country also won continuous silver medals at the European Championship between 1975 and 1983. 

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