Here is the list of the Top 10 Formula One Drivers in 2024 

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    Get A List of the Top 10 Formula One Drivers in 2024

    Max Verstappen is still the top best Formula One driver in 2024. He has crowned the 2021 F1 World Champion in a dramatic manner. On the last and final lap of the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, he bagged 233 points which he also needed to secure the title. In doing things, there is the Flying Dutchman who participated in the ranks having some true F1 hall of farmers. It’s very difficult to choose the top 10 F1 drivers but we still choose the top 10 and make a list. 

    Here is the list of the Best Top 10 Formula One Drivers in 2024- 

    10. Fernando Alonso 

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    Points: 37 

    The 40 years old two-time world champion was exposed in his return to the sport the last term. The innate racing also was plain for all to watch while he holds up Hamilton in Hungary enabling his teammate for the first win. He has 37 points and got the tenth position. 

     Top 10 Formula One Drivers

    9. Valtteri Bottas 

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    Points: 46 

    He was dropped by Mercedes after season dive, the Finn whose talent had been honed on to the frozen roads of his homeland, now leading into an all-latest driver’s line-up at Alda Romeo taking over from his retired compatriot Kimi Raikkonen. He is one of the first, focused, and battle-hardened drivers. Valtteri Bottas also did not win a single match or the podiums this season. He has ranked the ninth position with 46 points. 

    8. Esteban Ocon 

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    Points: 56 

    The 25 years old racer from Normandy will approach 2022 along with dull power as he continues to repay the debt he owes to his garage mechanic father Laurent and mother who has done huge scarifies to boost his karting career, and selling up their house. 

    image 110

    7. Lando Norris 

    Points: 70 

    He is a four-podium finisher and a pole position to help earn Norris a contract with an extension to 20025 with the former D! Giants who are emerging from seasons in this wilderness. The 22-year-old from Bristol is at the center of the team’s plans once again. He is the first Grand Prix winner around the corner and finished 11th in his rookie campaign for McLaren in 2019. 

    6. Lewis Hamilton 

    Points: 127 

    The is a seven-time champion setting the stage for what promises to become the mother of all challenges for securing such an unprecedented eighth title. In Abu Dhabi, his crown just slipped in a messy way.  The 37-year-old racer proved himself last year.

    image 111

    5. George Russell 

    Points: 143 

    He is a graduate of Mercedes Academy and landed the prized seat after impressing along with his poise and potential at Williams. The 24 years old Norfolk is not a stranger to sit in behind the wheel of Mercedes. He has earned 143 points. 

    4. Carlos Sainz 

    Points: 144 

    The Spaniard is in the second season at Ferrari along with the four podium finishes by lifting him to the fifth position by 2021`also standings, two places above Leclerc. His father is a two-time world rally champion who started the year with the third season in the Dakar Rally. He also wants to add luster to the family’s silverware in 2022. 

    image 112

    3. Sergio Perez 

    Points: 163 

    The maiden win in Bahrain in the penultimate race of 2020 was huge. He is a fourth-place finisher after a second win in Baku in the drivers got every chance of developing this term by the man who provides barnstorming performances. He earned 163 points. 

    2. Charles Leclerc 

    Points: 170 

    The Scuderia look for having turned that page after their annus horribilis in 2020 as the worst season in 40 years just moving up from sixth to the third position. In his fourth season after a positive three days of testing last week. It’s been 14 years since Ferrari won the last of their record of 16 constructors’ titles. He earned 170 points. 

    image 113

    1.Max Verstappen 

    Points: 233 

    Max Verstappen is one of the best F1 drivers in 2022. After several controversial circumstances in the Abu Dhabi coup, de grace no one could able to deny that ‘Mad Max’ was worthy of the hard combat. Along with Honda providing the perfect leave present in an engine fit to collide the might of Mercedes for flying Dutchman went grown toe-to-toe with Hamilton. He is the fastest in testing last week, he also knows that he is in for an almighty battle to hold on to his crown. He has earned 233 points. 

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