Here is the list of the Top 10 Start-Ups in India in 2024

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    Get A List of Top 10 Start-Ups in India in 2024

    In 2024, start-ups now become a trend among the young generation. The new generation mostly preferred to open start-ups than do jobs. After the US, India has the third largest start-up environment. 

    As a result, this ecosystem in India become the growth engine for the past few years. We can’t deny that many Indian start-ups are doing very well. The well-known start-ups are Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, and Ola. 

    Here is the list of the Top 10 Start-Ups in India- 

    10. Swiggy 

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    It is one of the most popular food delivery applications. It also has made that is very easy for you to satiate the cravings also even when sitting at home. In India, it is a giant food delivery platform serving 27 cities and partnered with 40,000 restaurants. The company raised funding of $800 million and nearly $5 billion. 

    Top 10 Start-Ups in India

    9. Dream 11 

    This Indian startup has been founded in 2008. It is an online fantasy sports platform that now has more than 10 crore users in India. It has been founded by two young co-founders  Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. This company raised  $400 million just before the commencement of IPL 2021. The valuation of the company is $5 billion. 

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    8. Udaan 

    It is a technical Indian start-up that provides B2B  e-commerce solutions. It was founded in 2016. It contains 3 million users In 900 cities. It helps to connect  235000 sellers in India. This company also includes  Boat Lifestyle, PepsiCo, LG, ITC, and also there are many other big names.  This company raised an overall $1.15 billion and the valuation of the company is $3.1  billion. 


    7. Nykaa 

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    This is an online beauty store and also a fashion e-commerce platform that was founded in 20912. This company has offered wellness and beauty products for customers at reasonable prices. This company has raised $25 million and its valuation is $1.2 billion. 

    6. Groww 

    This Indian startup is an investing platform that allows customers to invest in stocks, ETFs, Mutual funds, IPOs, and many more using the platform. This platform also works on both mobile applications and the web. Over 15 million users registered til now. This company raised $83 million in 2021. 


    5. Meesho 

    This was founded in 20915 by IIT-Delhi Graduates, Meesho is mainly the reseller platform that has set to become the big e-commerce distribution channel in which homepreneurs can sell products through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This company raised over $490 million and the value of the company is $2.1 billion. 

    4. PharmEasy 

    It is an online pharmacy and medical store in India that specializes in OTC products, diagnostic tests, and medical instruments. This company was founded in 2015 in Mumbai. This company has raised a massive $350 million and become the first E-pharmacy unicorn in India. 


    3. Digit Insurance 

    It is an Indian startup Insurance company that claims to simplify the insurance products for each and everyone so that the view of insurance products also can be changed among people. After entering the Unicorn club this company raised a fund of $18  million.  This company has funded about $200 in total and claimed 31.9% growth between March 2020 to December 2020. 


    Akshay Deshraj, Manoj Sarda, and Sourabh Gupta established this in 2016. This is mainly a Bangalore-based start-up with about 50-100 employees. The company provides AI services in the field of voice automation, mainly in the banking, food, and hospitality industries. The company also provides digital voice agents who can handle personalized. contains more than 10 million hours of training data. 


    1. Cred 

    This Indian start-up has been found in 2018, It is a platform from where you also can pay your credit card bills and get rewarded for it. This platform also made a new model for the users for getting “CRED coins” that they pay their bills along with the app of CRED. The users also can be redeemed the coins for buying any product, entering a contest, or joining any workshop. This company is valued at around $2.2 billion. 

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