All the list of Top 10 Railway Tunnels in the World in 2022 

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    The way of transport like tunnel and bridge is very modern engineering wonders even if human have been making them for thousands of years. Juman starts to excursive the tunnels out of gigantic granite walls along with chisels, and hammers. Due to the hill’s topography, the most important and longest tunnel in the world is reduced drastically the transit time in western destinations. 

    Here is the list of the top 10 longest Railway tunnels: 

    10. Geumjeong Tunnel (South Korea) 

    Length: 20.3 km 

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    In South Korea, this tunnel is 20.3 km long This is tunnel world’s tenth longest rail tunnel. This is one of the high-speed rail routes that connects Seoul and Busan. This tunnel is more than 300 m underground, 14m wide, and 12m tall. The tunnel construction has been completed in three phases. The construction of the tunnel was finished in 2009. 

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    9. Wushaoling Tunnel (China) 

    Length: 21 km 

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    Wushaoling tunnel is mainly the ninth longest tunnel in the world. This tunnel has a total length of 21.05 km. It was made as part of the Lanxin high-speed railway line and is situated in Gansu Province, China.  For the construction, it needs 4,360t of steel. The depth of the tunnel is 1,100 meters and can able to hold 160km/h top speed. 

    8. Daishimizu Tunnel (Japan) 

    Length: 22 km 

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    The long Daishimizu tunnel is ranked eighth. This tunnel is located on Japan’s Joetsu Dhinkansen line. Daishimizu just cut the distance between Niigata and Tokyo in half within 1 hour and 40 mins. The tunnel was made via the Mikuni Mountain range following the blast and drill digging methods. Within 10km intervals, one can get to evacuation sites. 


    7. Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel (Japan) 

    Length: 25.8 km 

    Iware-Ichinohe tunnel in Japan is mainly the seventh-longest railway tunnel the total length of the tunnel is 25.81 km. In August 1991, the work of the tuner started, and finished in 2000. After an earthquake in 2011, the tunnel services were paused.  In the single bore twin track in the form of horseshoe form also used in the tunnel design, it measures 9.8m broad and 7.7m high. 

    6. Hakkoda Tunnel (Japan) 

    Length: 26.5 km 

    This tunnel has a length of 26.45 km. The Hakkoda tunnel is known as Japan’s longest land-based double-track railway tunnel. The sixth longest rail tunnel in the world. This tunnel is located in Tenmabayashi-mura and Aomori Prefecture, Japan. 

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    5. Taihang Tunnel (China) 

    Length: 27.8 km 

    The Taihang Tunnel is in China’s Taihang Mountains. It is now the world’s fifth-longest railway tunnel. This tunnel is a 27.8 km twin-tube tunnel that had constructed to cross the Taihang Mountains and become a part of the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway network. 

    4. Guadarrama Rail Tunnel (Spain) 

    Length: 28.4 km 

    Guadarrama is mainly Spain’s huge twin-tube rail tunnel. This is the fourth-longest rail tunnel in the world. For the high-speed train between Madrid and Valladolid. The 28.4km tunnel just excavated through the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range. The tunnel’s interior diameter is 8.5 meters, while the excavation diameter is 9.45 meters. 

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    3. Lotschberg Base Tunnel (Switzerland) 

    Length: 34.6 km 

    The Lotschberg tunnel just ran across the Swiss Alps. This is the third-longest rail tunnel in the world. The 34.6 km tunnel just allows BLS to operate passenger and freight the trains in the line of Lotschberg. In this tunnel, trains can travel 250 km per hour. The 333m transverse tunnels connect the two tubes. 

    2. Channel Tunnel ( UK) 

    Length: 50.5 km 

    The new channel just measures 50.5 km long, that connects the English Channel In between the UK and France. The tunnel runs from Folkstone, Kent, in the UK, to Coquilles, Pas-de-Calais, France. 

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    1. Seikan Tunnel (Japan) 

    Length: 53.85 km 

    Seikan Tunnel ins Japan is one of the largest and longest tunnels in the world. Seikan tunnels just connect the Hokkaido and Honshu islands through the Tsugaru Strait. The tune was constructed 100 meters underground and currently holds to the public in March 1988, and also used to operate express trains. The construction needed 168,000 tons of steel, 1.74 million cubic meters of concrete, and 2,860 tons of explosives. Inside the tunnel, there are two stations: Tappi Kaitei, and Yoshida Kaitei. 

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