Here is the list of the Top 10 most exciting Adult Movies

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    We are now passing through a festive season. It will be a good idea to warm our bodies with such exciting adult films inside our home and stay safe by avoiding the festive crowd. In this festive season, we are going to get many such exciting adult drama films. As winter is also knocking on the door, the streaming platforms will unlock more film to keep us warm.

    Here is a list of the top 10  Adult Movies ever:


    12. Fifty Shades  Darker

    It is a romantic drama film. We will be aware that is also an adult movie. It follows Christian who wrestles with his inner demons Anastasia and also has been confronted with the anger and envy of the woman who just came infront of her.

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    Ragini MMS 2 (2014) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

    11. Ragini MMS

    It is also a romantic and adult horror film. It is based on being out to relax and having fun in a farmhouse of a couple who have experienced the horror of such an unknown entity. In this film, Sunny Leone was seen in bold looks.

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    10. Fair Play

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    The film follows an unexpected promotion at the cutthroat hedge fund that has pushed a young couple’s relationship towards the brink. This is threatening to unravel just not only their engagement but also their lives. This is definitely one of the most exciting thrillers and drama.

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    9. Belle de Jour

    It is also an adult romantic love drama film. It follows a frigid young housewife who has decided to spend the midweek afternoons like a prostitute.

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    Nine 1/2 Weeks – “The Fifty Shades of Grey of its time…”

    8. Nine and Half Weeks

    This film mainly follows the story of the woman who become and also revolved with a man that she knows barely.  It seems that the complications have been developed at the time of sexual escapades.

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    7. The Piano

    It is also an adult romantic film. It just follows the middle 19th century about a  mute woman who has been spent to New Zealand along with her teen daughter and also gets a piano in the prize for an arranged marriage with the wealthy landowner and also is soon after such local worker on to the plantation.

    Tube8 - Heather Graham Nude Sex Scene

    6. Killing Me Softly

    It is one of the extreme adult films that is based on a  woman who faces deadly consequences for abandoning her loving relationships with her boyfriend and pursuing such exciting sexual scenarios with the strange celebrity mountaineer.

    5. After

    Adter is definitely one of the romantic drama movies that revolve around Anna Todd’s novel having the same name. the film reveals the story of a college freshman who just falls in love with a person who has sich complicated past. In this film, we have seen Josephine Langford and hero Finnes in the lead roles.

    4. After We Collided

    After We Colluded is undoubtedly a romantic drama film that follows the story of a college student who starts a strange relationship with someone who brings up with her. In the lead roles, we have seen Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffi. The film represents the actual raw growth of relationships.

    3. Fifty Shades of Grey

    It is one of the famous and romantic adults shows that never be grey down. It follows about a literature student Anastasia Steele life and also about changing of the forever while eh will meet such handsome yet and tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.

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    2. Basic Instinct

    This adult film is based on the violent police detective investigation of the brutal murder that might revolve around a manipulative with seductive novelist.

    1. The Year I Started Masturbating

    The story of the film follows Hannah’s life that has changed completely while her boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her. After this, her desire for having another child stays unfulfilled. Now she has an epiphany that she may chase after happening wrong things in life.

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