Top 10 Highest Military Budget Spent by the Countries

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    We are going to discuss the highest military budget of the countries in 2024. The military is definitely one of the biggest aspects of health care. This year The United States spent military expenditure of $801 billion, followed by China which spent $293 billion. These countries accounted for 38 percent and 14 percent of the world share. 

    India was the third highest in SIPRI world military expenditure in 2021 with the figures reaching $76.6 billion, accounting for 3.6% of the global share.  

    Here is the list of the Top 10 Highest Military Budget Spent by the Countries-  

    10. South Korea 

    Budget: US$ 50.2 billion

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    South Korea is also investing in modernizing its defence programs.  due to the increasing tensions between the two Koreas bolsters military spending. There is a peace treaty between North and South Korea set up a four-kilometre-wide demilitarized zone across the peninsula. South Korea has spent US$ 50.2 billion which is 2.8 percent of the GDP. 

    9. Japan 

    Budget: US$ 54.1 billion

    Japan is known as the country of Sunrise. Japan has taken ninth place on the list. Since 2012, Japan has been steadily increasing the spent-on Self-Defense Forces.  The US gives a push for Japan’s defence forces to expand its international role by enhancing cooperation and weapons compatibility with the US. Japan has spent US$ 54.1 billion which is 1.1 percent of the GDP. 

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    Highest Military Budget

    8. Saudi Arabia 

    Budget: US$ 55.6 billion

    Saudi Arabia comes in the eighth position. Saudi Arabia has spent US$ 55.6. The rich country has also focused on security for the nation.  Saudi Arabia has spent US$ 55.6 billion which is 6.6% of the GDP. 

    7. Germany 

    Budget: US$ 56.0 billion

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    Germany has got seventh place. Germany has given importance to the defence budget as crucial as the health and education budgets. Their only defence was to help the people at the time of war without defense no one felt safe in the country. Germany has spent US$ 56.0 percent which is 1.4% of the GDP. 

    6. France 

    Budget: US$ 56.6 billion

    France has come in sixth place. The country also focused on the development of the military and giving high security to the nation from any kind of danger. The country has spent US$56.6 which is  2.0 percent of the GDP 


    5. Russia 

    Budget: US$ 65.9 billion

    We all know that Russia is liberally the strongest country, and the dominance of Vladimir Putin is really great. Russia has also focused on spending on the military, from high-tech weapons to nuclear power the total spent by Russia is US$ 65.9 which is 3.1 percent of the GDP. 

    4. United Kingdom 

    Budget: US$ 68.4 billion

    The United Kingdom has come in the fourth position for the development of the military.  This is true that the security of the nation’s military is a Crucial asset. The military protects the citizens from foreign policies and domestic cold situations. The total spent by the United Kingdom is US$ 68.4 which is 2.1 percent of the GDP. 


    3. India 

    Budget: US$ 76.6 billion

    India become the third highest with its spending touching $76.6 billion last year, up by 0.9 percent from 2020 and by 33 percent from 2012. India is spending more to protect their nation. 

    2. China 

    Budget: US$ 293.0 billion

    China comes in second position. China is really an isolated country from other nations. The country really maintains top and high-tech security for the nation. China has spent  US$ 293.0 billion which is 1.7% of the GDP. 


    1. United States 

    Budget: US$ 801.0 billion

    The United States maintains the highest military expenses in the nation. In the military expenses, you can see all the Department of Defense’s regular activity, war spending, nuclear weapon program, international military assistance, and another Pentagon-related spending. In the year 2020, the US spent $778 billion on military spending and now it becomes US$801.0 billion. This is 3.2 % of the GDP. 

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