Top 10 coldest countries in the world as of 2023

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    Top 10 coldest countries in the world – Everything You Need to Know in 2023

    It’s impressive how the coldest countries spread across the globe share some common features. Few are island nations, while some are Nordic countries and situated in close proximity to the Arctic Circle. 

    Let’s have a closer look at the names which are the coldest in the world by annual mean temperatures.

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    Top 10 coldest countries in the World

    1: Canada – 22.37°F

    The second biggest country in the world, Canada makes it to number one in the list of coldest countries in the world. The sparsely populated country has a variety of climates, with the northern two-thirds having extreme frigidity all year round. The snowy cold winters record January to be the coldest historically, but February has been in the running, too, in recent years. 

    The winters are 5°F for weeks at one go and can reduce to -40°F after consistent days of snowfall. 

    2: Russia – 22.82°F

    The country extends from Eastern Europe to the easternmost edge of mainland Asia. A large section of land lies far from the sea, entertaining a continental climate all year round. 

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    The summers are mild, while the winters are cold, snowy, and frosty. Usually, during Summers, the temperature is 37°F, 18°F on a natural day, and can cut to -40°F during harsh winters.

    3: Mongolia – 30.74°F 

    Various geo-political cultures are present in the ‘Land of Eternal Blue Sky.’ Among the coldest countries, third comes the name of Mongolia. It recorded the lowest temperature of -67.5°F in the Uvs province on a day in December 1976. 

    The snowy, windy winters can record temperatures as low as -40°F. Between November and March, the temperature gets above freezing, and April and October are warmest at 100.4°F. 

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    4: Norway – 34.70°F 

    Lying above the Arctic Circle, it falls under the subarctic zone. It could have been even colder, but the moderating influences of the North Atlantic and Norwegian ocean currents raised the coastal temperatures. The sensational mountains record severely shiver-worthy polar Tundra climate with low degrees. 

    5: Kyrgyzstan – 34.79° F

    The fifth nation among the coldest countries in the world records around -22°F during the cold winters from December to February. The Southwestern Fergana Valley often attains a temperature of 104°F in summer. It recorded the lowest temperature of -64.5°F. 

    6: Finlad – 35.06°F 

    The mean temperature in Finland is 35.06°F and recorded lowest of -60.7°F. the country is denoted for the most prolonged winter tenures of around 100 days in the southwest and 200 days in Northern Lapland. The four-month-long winters feature -4°F temperatures with massive snowfall and gusty winds. 

    7: Iceland – 35.15°F

    The mean annual temperature is 35.15°F, and the country experiences a Polar Tundra climate. Chilly summers have a temperature of close to 50°F, and winters record an average of 37°F in January. 

    8: Tajikistan – 35.60°F 

    The mountainous region has 93% covered by Pamir, Alag Mountains, and the Tian Shan ranges. January temperature is between 30.2°F and 37.4°F in the lower elevations, while the higher elevations might record low degrees like 5° to -4°F. 

    9: Sweden – 35.78°F 

    In this list of coldest countries, Sweden comes ninth. With the above mean annual temperature, the lowest ever recorded in the country was -63.4°F in Malgovik. The summers and mild while winters are freezing and sub-freezing winter days record temperatures around -22°F. 

    10: Estonia – 41.18°F

    A baltic state in Northern Europe has an annual mean temperature of 41.18°F. the coastal areas experience a milder climate, but inland places go through harsh winters. February is the coldest in Estonia. 

    It’s quite interesting to see nature’s love for extreme in different regions of the world.

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