Call of Duty: Warzone 2: Here are all the details about the upcoming new season

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    On April 12, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will enter Season 3, and we now know what to anticipate, including details on the new battle pass, Ranked mode, adjustments to the DMZ mode, and more. Four new weapons will be included in Modern Warfare 2’s third season. The renowned Intervention sniper rifle, now known as the FJX Imperium sniper, and the Cronen Squall battle rifle are both included in the battle pass.

    Players can anticipate two new sidearms later in the season. Although they aren’t mentioned by name on Activision’s blog, both of them are described as being fully automatic weapons. Alejandro Vargas and Valeria Garza from Modern Warfare 2’s campaign can both be unlocked in the battle pass’s higher tiers. Later in the season, more operators are hinted to arrive; they’ll probably be offered as shop bundles.

    A more robust version of the battle pass bundle debuts in Season 3. The standard pass will continue to cost $1,100 CoD Points ($10), but Blackcell is an expensive $30 package with more value than 7,000 CoD Points.

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    Call of Duty’s new Trophy Hunt event joins Season 3 and debuts two days after the start of the season. Every time a player is eliminated in any mode during this event, they will drop a “trophy,” which is described as a small, decorative coin. These trophies are available for players to take or earn by finishing missions like opening supply boxes. These trophies can then be traded in for things like battle pass token tier skips, vehicle skins, and blueprints for weapons that are displayed in the events tab.

    Al Mazrah’s new “Massive Resurgence” mode in Warzone 2 will let up to 150 players engage in combat in a variety of squad sizes.

    Warzone 2
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    At launch, this mode will be accessible. Warzone 2 will finally feature the Plunder mode from Warzone 1, but Activision hasn’t said whether it will be playable on both maps or just one. The team with the most money wins in the respawn mode called Plunder. The new battle royale competitive mode is called Warzone Ranked. This will debut later in the campaign and feature trio play, a leaderboard, and other features.

    The current prison gulag in Al Marzrah will be changed out for a new 1v1 area. The new Gulag map also goes by the name Blacksite, which should not be confused with the Black Site regions in Warzone 2. A roughly rectangular, asymmetrical map with numerous interior spaces and extensive external routes is how this new arena is described. The Blacksite Gulag’s current location is teased as being “Redacted,” so this is probably connected to a new map location on Al Mazrah.

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    Redeploy Drones were added to Ashika Island in Season 2, and they will now be added to Al Mazrah in Season 3. This will give players a new way to navigate Warzone 2’s larger map. The DMZ’s UAV towers are being added at the start of the season. Players can interact with the towers in this way and use the tower’s location to launch several UAV sweeps.

    Tempered Plate Carriers, a feature that was previously present in Warzone 1’s Caldera, will be added to Season 3 in order to change players’ armour plates. It is simpler and more effective to re-plate after a battle when a player has a Tempered Plate Carrier equipped because their armour will be two half-bars rather than three-thirds.

    Call of Duty: Warzone 2 kicks off Season 3 on April 12 at 10 AM PT.

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