The streamer Ludwig Ahgen has exposed about his switching on YouTube from Twitch

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    The streamer Ludwig Ahgen has been announced that he will be switching the streami]ng platform from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. He has announced that his new streaming platform will be on YouTube. The gaming will be starting from tomorrow means 30th November. The content creator also had been posted the video to the Twitter account Monday afternoon. Ahgren is streaming and creating content for years, and he has hit a massive success in 2021, and thanks to his record-breaking Subathaon.

    Ludwig Ahgen switching to YouTube

    Popular Streamer Ludwig Ahgren leaves Twitch For YouTube Gaming

    There are also such few instances that Ahgen also was on the stream m for the full month and playing. Ludwig also even went to break the record of Ninja for such the most active subscribers open to the solo Twitch channel with 283,066 and the users will subscribe to his channel. It seems that the switch of Ludwig on YouTube is seriously a major shock by considering as he did not promote that announcement before time.  

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    On the last stream, Ahgren was musing on his love for the streaming and also for the content creation, but there was also not an indication that a major declares war on the horizon. He also even appeared on Mizkif’s  Parasocial game show in the day and no indication about the future.

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    The video of Ludwig, on the other hand, has left little doubt like the [purple car has been burst out and Slime and he has just turned to a new car. The video has been ended with along about how the YouTube Gaming copyright system has been accommodating the licensed music and also the confirmation that Ludwig’s first day on that new platform and also will be on 30th November.

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    This is definitely a huge move for Ludwig Ahgren , and also definitely a huge  “get” from youtube Gaming. Currently, the platform has been able to lure both Dr. Lupo and also TimTheTatman away from Twitch and also been responded on YouTube for the foreseeable future.  Ludwig is coming with a very strong lineup of content creators for making the switch.

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