Cardiologist Prof. Guido states cardiac screening is frequently needed for the footballers

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    Leading Cardiologist Professor Guido states that there is a need for regular cardiac screening for footballers. In recent times, there has been a spate of high-profile issues and collapses among professional players. This might be a coincidence, but it might be a sign of the footballer not being able to cope with high-intensity games.

    Footballer felling ill

    In recent instances, many footballers have been falling ill, either in matches or in practice sessions. Charlie Wyke, the 28-year old Wigan striker, collapsed during training, the 30-year-old John Fleck of Sheffield United collapsed on the pitch at Reading, and the 25-year-old Adam Traore went down clutching his chest during playing for Sheriff Tiraspol at the Champions League against Real Madrid.

    Not only it ends here, but there have also been other instances of footballers having cardiac problems. The 33-year-old Sergio Aguero was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, and also the 28-year-old Emil Palsson in October required resuscitation after a cardiac arrest. There have been many more instances apart from these which states that players are suffering from cardiac issues and hence a solution is needed.

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    Professor Guido Pieles in this regard

    Leading Professor Guido Pieles who leads Sports Cardiology Clinic at the Sports Institute, Exercise and Health, stated that there isn’t any strong evidence that signifies that cardiac issues occur in footballers more regularly and he also thinks that these clusters of incidents might be a coincidence.

    He said that these heart problems are suddenly increasing but this isn’t not only in football, as they are not the only athletes of sports. Tour de France Cyclists, Endurance runners, etc., train for a longer amount of time. And also it is not true that the training that the footballers have done in the last 2 years is more than the training that they have done in the last 10 years. The game has got a bit faster, but the players of the current generation are fit as well.

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