The new Filogic Chips will come with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 to next-gen IoT devices

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    MediaTek has launched its Kompanio 900T chipset for tablets and also Chromebooks in September. Now it has returned with a couple of latest products. In this latest edition, we will see Filogic 130 and Filogic  130A chips that will come with Wi-Fi 6 band Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity to IoT devices. This company has been partnered with AMD for developing the RZ600 series Wi-Fi 6E modules that have been featured the Filogic 330p chipset.

    The latest MediaTek Filogic 130 and Filogic 130A SoC have been equipped with a microprocessor, AI engine, Wi-Fi 6, and also Bluetooth 5.2 subsystems, and also there is a power management unit on the single chip, it will make them a great boost for the future IoT devices.

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    This new Filogic 130A chip has been integrated the digital audio signal processor and also has the other audio services for their IoT products. MediaTek revealer d that this latest all-in-one solution will be energy efficient, reliable, and also has high-performance connectivity with the small form factor that has been designed about the ideal for IoT devices.

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    It has been reported that both Filogic 130 and Filogic 130A will support 1T1R Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)_ support, and also has other of the advanced  Wi-Fi features that aim wake time (TWT), Mu-MIMO, MU-OFDMA, quality of service (QoS), and WPA3 Wi-Fi security.

    Both of the chips have been manufactured with ARM Cortex-M#3 microcontroller coupled with the embedded RAM, and also has the external flash, and also has an integrated front end module. There is an additional HiFi4 DSP on the Filogic 130A that has offered the support for more accurate far-field choice processing and has the capabilities of the microphone with the voice activity detection, and it will trigger the support of the word.

    The latest AMD Rz600 series Wi-Fi 6E module contains MediaTek‘s Filogic 330P chipset. AMD RZ600 has promised to provide seamless high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and it will reduce the latency, and also reduce the interference on the upcoming laptops and desktops.

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    This Filogic 330P has supported the latest connectivity standards, containing 2 x 2 Wi-Fi 6 (2.4GHz/5GHz), Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz band up to 7.125GHz), and Bluetooth 5.2 (BT/BLE). This chipset also has been contained with power amplifier, and also the low noise amplifier technology for the optimization of the power consumption and to reducing of the design footprint.

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