The European Super League could make a magnificent return with 80 teams

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    There has been various speculation for the return of the European Super League, an rumours state that this could certainly be very big. New proposals have been given to the governing authority with that includes the play of 60 to 80 teams comprising of a multi-divisional format being discussed.

    Originally, the idea of a new European Super League was proposed 2 years back, as fans opposed a new competition. However, the governing authority, i.e., the UEFA, wasn’t happy with the concept.

    La Liga backing the European Super League?

    Several clubs belive that the European Super League is necessary, but it is La Liga which has been in the forefront on supporting the proposal. La Liga sides including Real Madrid and Barcelona have been fighting to make this tournament come to reality, joined by Serie A’s s Juventuss too.

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    La Liga have been speaking about the recent proposals about the European Super League in social media, portraying the European football as Little Red Riding Hood along with a wolf wearing a Super League badge.

    Javier Tebas in this regard

    Javier Tebas the president of La Liga said in this regard that the European Super League is the wolf who disguises himself as a granny to try at present to fool European football, but HIS nose and HIS teeth are very big, four divisions of Europe? Indeed the first for them as in the form of  2019. And about the government of the clubs? They count the big ones only.

    What will UEFA do?

    UEFA doesn’t seem like liking the proposal of the Super League, as they have already dismissed any suggestion that A22 could help for introducing another competition, one which will be the rival of the Champions League. UEFA at present seems like a hard nut to crack, as they also stated it as a greedy plan.

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