“The Cuphead Show”: The trailer reveals such Animated Extravaganza

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    At last, the first trailer of The Cuphead Show has been released and it is an absolute treat for animation fans. It follows the best-selling and also critically acclaimed and also such notorious difficult game.

    The trailer of the animated show does such a fantastic job of keeping the details of the story rather than vague. At the time of showcasing how the latest cartoon will come to life with the feel of the platformer of such original game and when also it pay the homage to the classic  1930s cartoons with the inspired game.

    Watch the Video Game-Adapted 'The Cuphead Show!' Trailer - Netflix Tudum

    The Cuphead Show! Is mainly an animate Studio MDHR who also has been made the Cuphead game with the co-founder’s Chad and Jared Moldenhauer who is serving as the executive producers alongside CJ Kettler from King Features and Dave Wesson who has been developing the TV adaptation. It is the first season of such a TV show and also will fill with 12 episodes lasting 12 minutes each.

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    The new trailer is referenced to Golden Age at the animation from The Skeleton Fence with the works of the Fleischer Brothers just encapsulating such same chaotic vibe with just in the terms of such colors or the wild character movements and also with designs. The Devil is already an iconic character.

    Netflix Drops Trailer for Show Based on Cuphead Video Game – The Hollywood  Reporter

    The Cuphead Show: Cast

    It seems that Tru Valentino is the voice of the titular Cuphead when Frank Todaro just voices his brother Mugman and the cast also contains his brother Mugman and also the cast contains  Joe Hanna as Elser Kettle,  Luke Millington-Drake like their ridiculous nemesis, The Devil, Grey Griffin as Ms. Chalice and Wayne Brady as King Dice.

    The Cuphead Show! gets its first trailer ahead of Netflix release - Xfire

    The Cuphead Show: Release Date

    This animated show will stream on 18th February 2022.

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    Here is the trailer:

    A big thanks for the source.

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