“Tall Girl 2”: The new trailer reveals the release date of the rom-com film

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    Netflix’s popular romantic comedy show Tall Girl has set to return for a sequel after getting universal pan by critics and audience. The new trailer of the show has been revealed the release date of the movie. It has been shown that the odds and scored some of the huge viewership and also has been leading for the sequel. Take a quick recap of the first part of the film that was a smash hit on Netflix to rack up 41 million views on this platform within the first four weeks of the availability.

    Tall Girl 2 Trailer: Growing Up is a Tall Order in Netflix Comedy Film

    This movie is mainly featured Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter, and Paris Bereich and it was a standard romantic comedy having such a twist with the main character, it has a character named Jodi who is very tall and also very self-conscious.

    Tall Girls is undoubtedly a smash hit while it comes to the critics, however. This film recently reach 5.2 on IMDb with critic scores usually low at 44%.

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    We will go back to 2019 after the first movie has been released, Ava Michelle was spoken to EliteDaily and also told that there were some talks for the sequel. She was also teased that she is wishing for the fans that are going to see Michelle into her final year of high school and saying, “ I’m excited to see hopefully Jodi’s senior year and to see what happens there, but I really don’t know. There is talk, but I really don’t know, we will see.”

    Tall Girl 2 Trailer: New Dreams, New Love and Drama

    After that, all has been quiet and of course, there has come a global pandemic that seems to be halted by such development. Then, it was December 2020 when DiscussFilm got the scoop that Netflix was under the development of the sequel. They were also exposed that Sam Wolfson would be coming to write the screenplay of the sequel and today’s news back to that up.

    Tall Girl 2: Production Status

    It has been confirmed by ProductionWeekly issue 1236 suggested that the shooting was due to get underway in the middle of April 2021 and was ended in late May 2021.

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    The latest sequel is one again shot completely in New Orleans just like the first film with McG, Mary Viola, Steven Bello, and Corey Marsh, and also continuing with the roles of the executive producer. It was confirmed by Ava Michelle on social media announcing that the sequel is now in production stating: “SOOOO excited to finally announce that we are currently in production for TALL GIRL 2 !!!!!!! so incredible grateful let’s do this thaaaangg”

    Netflix's Tall Girl 2 Trailer Follows Ava Michelle in a School Musical

    Tall Girls 2: Trailer Details

    The new trailer reveals Jodi’s newfound confidence and also popularity. After getting the support of her boyfriend, friend, and family and finally land at the lead role in the school’s musical with her worst t enemy in the second installment and voice inside her head making them believe in her fears and also her insecurities. The newfound popularity intensifies insecurities with the new relationships formed the old ones that are tested. This world is building the starts for crumble around her, Jodi feels that standing tall was only just the beginning.

    Watch the New 'Tall Girl 2' Trailer - Netflix Tudum

    Tall Girl 2: Expectation

    The story of the second part follows after Jodi Kreyman gains such popularity, her miscommunications start and also causing such rifts with those across her and now she will really need to ‘stand tall’

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    We already know that Jodi and her lifelong pal Dunkleman and also has been smooched at the ending of the original “Tall Girl” return with the teen romantic comedy sequel that has been found Jodi is dealing with such new issues that arise from being popular.

    Tall Girl 2': Netflix February 2022 Release Date & What We Know So Far -  What's on Netflix

    Tall Girl 2: Cast

    This film is featuring Ava Michelle as Jodi Kreyman, Griffin Gluck as Jack Dunkleman, Sabrina Carpentaer as Harper Kreyman, Steve Zahn as Richie Kreyman, Angela Kinsey as Helaine Kreyman, Anjelika Washington as Fareeda, Luka Eisner as Stig Mohlin, Clara Wilsey as Kimmy Stitcher, and Rico Paris as Schniper.

    There are also some of the new faces like Jan Luis Castellanos who will play the role of Tommy Torres. Jan is mainly the best known for the role in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why In which he was played, Diego Torres.

    Johanna Liauw as Stella we have seen her in Quarantine Leap and Crossbow Creek play the role of Stella. We will also see Chris Wylde as Corey Dunkleman and Rachel Thompson as Madeline Lee.

    Tall Girl 2: Writer and Director

    Sam Wolfson will come back as the writer of the second part. This time Emily Ting will take the reins of the directing from Nzingha Stewart for the sequel. The previous directing credits contain 2019’s Go Back to China, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong with many shorts and documentaries before it.

    Tall Girl 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More Details

    Tall Girl 2: Release date

    At last, Netflix has confirmed the release date of the show that is 11th February 2022.

    Here is the trailer:

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