TATA has reported producing semiconductors in India

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    The business giant TATA is starting to talk with the state government about making the semiconductor assembly plants. The E-scooter designer Ather Energy has been raised the annual production capacity to  400,000 units and when Bounce has been just launched the first battery service in India along the brand’s first time e-scooter Infinity E1.

    Tata semiconductor manufacturing: After 5G equipment, Tata Group looking to  enter semiconductor manufacturing, Auto News, ET Auto

    Tata is looking to make Semiconductor assembly in Southern India

    Tata is now investing up to US$300 million for setting up the outsourced semiconductor assembly and also the test units in India, it may happen in the three southern states of Tamil Nadu. Karnataka, Telangana. The sources told to Reuters that it is a  venue that was like it has been finalized by the next month.

    India has 500 million 5G subscriptions by 2021

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    Indian Express’s citing Ericsson’s latest mobility report has been confirmed that India has been expected v about  500 million 5G subscriptions by 2027 and also have a percentage of 5G in a total mobile subscription that has been expected to rise to 39%.

    India says not to preorder Starlink until it obtains a license - The Verge

    Starlink is taking all the preorders in India

    It has been confirmed by Economic Times that SpaceX telecom arm  Starlink has been stopped to take the preorders from India due to the advice of the local authority against the operation of the company in India without any license.

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    Bounce launches electric scooter Infinity E1

    Business Standard has been confirmed that its first electric scooter and battery as a service in India. This e-scooter has been eligible for the FAME of the Indian government and subsidy for the electric vehicle.

    Ather Energy announces its second electric scooter manufacturing plant in  Hosur, plans 4 lakh units annually | Automobiles News | Zee News

    Ather Energy begins to operate the second manufacturing plant

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    Business Standard has been confirmed that Ather Energy has been commissioned about the two of the manufacturing facilities within just one year and within the plans for increasing the production capacity from the current 120,000 to 400,000 units per year, and it will also make it the largest EV producer within the next year.

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