Here is the list of Top 10 Indian CEOs running the tech companies

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    Before we have seen maximum CEOs are from abroad.  Nowadays it has been proved that Indians are not staying backwards on learning new technologies, as their many names have been included in the list of CEO. Parag Agarwal took over as the Twitter CEO this week and the conversations across the Indian executives as the helm of the top tech giants.

    At that point, there are major tech companies like Google and also its parent company Alphabet, Microsoft, and Twitter have been headed by the Indians. Besides this Adobe and  IBM also are led by Indian executives. We have also come with a list of the top 10 tech companies that have Indian leaders.

    Here is the list of Top 10 tech Indian CEO:

    Why do Softbank investors hate Nikesh Arora so much?

    10. Nikesh Arora

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    This man is a  CEO and also the chairman of the cyber security company Palo Alto Networks since 2018. Previously he has served as the president of Softbank Group.

    12 Leadership Lessons from GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani

    9. Aman Bhutani

    Since 2019, this man has been headed  GoDaddy, before that a Butane has been served as the President of Brand Expedia Group

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    8. Sanjoy Mehrotra

    Since 2017s February he has been serving as the CEO of Micron Technology, before coming to this he has been founded and also served as the CEO of Sandisk before it had been acquired by Western  Digital.

    Indian American Billionaire Aneel Bhusri Donates $1 Million towards COVID19  Relief

    7. Aneel Bhusri

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    He is the head of the cloud-based financial management and human capital management company Workday and he has also been previously served as the  Chairman of the board for about  2 years.

    Anjali Sud - Future of Television

    6. Anjali Sud

    It is a good sign that Indian women are also becoming the CEO and it will also motivate the other women of India.  She has taken over the video platform Vimeo as CEO in 2017, after serving as the General manager and also the Head of Marketing.

    Shantanu Narayen, CEO, Adobe

    5. Shantanu Narayan

    He is the Chairman, President, and also the CEO of   Adobe. He has also been served as the President of the company since 2005, and as the CEO from 2007.

    Meet Arvind Krishna, new IBM CEO who is latest south Indian to head global  IT company - Technology News

    4. Arvind Krishna

    In April 2020, he has taken the charge as the CEO of IBM, and in January 2021, he starts to serve as the Chairman.

    What Satya Nadella Thinks - The New York Times

    3. Satya Nadella

    It is one of the popular names among CEOs. He has been serving as the CEO of Micro0soft  since 2014 and has been taken over as the Executive Chairman of the tech giant in 2021.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai gets $242 million pay package after taking control  of Alphabet - The Verge

    2. Sundar Pichai

    He is a man who is very down to earth. He is the CEO of Google as well as also the parent company Alphabet. He has become the CEO of Google in August  2015, and in December  2019 he has taken the charge of the CEO of Alphabet.

    Find out how much salary Parag Agarwal, who has just become the new CEO of  Twitter, will get. | Find out how much salary Parag Agarwal, the new CEO of  Twitter, will

    1. Parag Agarwal

    Now he becomes a famous and popular name and also an inspiration. This man had been serving as the CTO of Twitter since 2017 had has been taken over as the CEO of the microblogging site after the Co-Founder Jack Dorsey has been stepped down.

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