Square Enix comments on the disappointing sales of Forspoken

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    During an earnings report, Square Enix commented on Forspoken’s launch sales, calling it “lacklustre” at the time. Forspoken is an action-adventure game developed by Luminous Productions, the same team that worked on Final Fantasy 15, that was released on PS5 and PC in January 2023 to mixed reviews.

    The PS5 version of Forspoken currently has a Metacritic score of 64, with a user score of 3.5. Forspoken was chastised for having a generic open world in addition to its story and various unpolished gameplay systems. Now, publisher Square Enix has commented on Forspoken’s launch sales, providing fans with insight into the game’s market performance in the first months of 2023.

    According to Video Games Chronicle, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has criticised Forspoken’s sales while claiming to have received positive feedback on the game’s parkour and combat elements.

    Square Enix
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    The same report discusses the positive qualities of Forspoken’s developer, Luminous Productions, and confirms that it will be merged with Square Enix on May 1, 2023. There could be several reasons for Forspoken’s poor launch sales, and it may be difficult to pin the blame on a single event. For starters, Forspoken debuted in a relatively busy month, as January 2023 saw the release of Dead Space, One Piece Odyssey, Monster Hunter Rise on the current generation, and Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable ports.

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    Additionally, in December 2022, Square Enix released a surprise demo for Forspoken, allowing fans to get a hands-on experience with its gameplay features. Unfortunately, some fans panned this Forspoken demo for being noticeably blurry in PS5 performance mode, with many comments also pointing to its surprisingly high system requirements on PC. Finally, Forspoken received few reviews prior to its release, which can sometimes indicate that the publisher is not confident in the final product.

    Forspoken is available now for PC and PS5.

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