Minecraft Legends: Here’s everything about the game

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    Minecraft Legends, the latest spinoff of Mojang’s crafting classic, is rebuilding the blocks for battle. In Legends, you’ll be battling invading Piglin forces for the survival of Minecraft’s Overworld itself, adventuring across biomes to build defences and rally allied defenders.

    The Legends hero is seen crossing from one Minecraft biome to another in the January 2023 gameplay trailer, accompanied by llamas, golems, and other forces. We see them order their allies to defend a village before laying siege to a Piglin fortress, and we get a glimpse of multiplayer gameplay.

    Minecraft Legends combines the series’ traditional survival and crafting elements into a real-time strategy adventure across the Minecraft overworld, which is divided into both new and familiar biomes. The main gameplay cycle involves the player riding a mount through biomes while gathering materials, supporting allies, fighting angry mobs of piglins, and crafting personalised bases.

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    The first trailer showed only the standard horse mount, but the latest gameplay look confirms that there will be many more. You’re never alone on your journey: you can gather friendly mobs like badgers and llamas to follow you, and you can rely on fairy-like allays to gather and build for you.

    In addition to reusing existing mob types from vanilla Minecraft, Minecraft Legends will introduce some entirely new creatures for the player to command and battle.

    Minecraft Legends
    credit: pcgamer

    In addition to classic Minecraft mobs like villagers, skeletons, and creepers, the hero can bring various types of golems, each with their own strengths, to the player’s forces. Cobblestone Golems are particularly effective at destroying enemy structures, according to Dennis Ries, executive producer for Minecraft Legends, while projectile-spitting Plank Golems are a good choice if you need a ranged unit.

    According to Xbox, Minecraft Legends will include both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. At the Xbox Developer Direct, we also learned that Minecraft Legends has a PVP mode in which you take on another base-building team and try to knock out their base before they can do the same to you.

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